#ZimHiphopSucksBecause There’s No More MMT & Few Kings @BegottenSun Says

This morning I woke up to ask Begotten Sun the 10 reasons why he thinks Hip-hop sucks. Well the Hip-hop icon gave us more but I think they’re enough to explain his opinion from early in the year that hip-hop in Zimbabwe sucks. Throughout the year on different occasions he has aired his opinion that Zim Hip-hop sucks, including his last tweet after reviewing Marques song, “Who Got Next”.

Even at one time mentioning , “A kid with a lollipop and today’s hiphop both suck!” lol

Provocative indeed so, like I said this morning I needed to hear why. What could our new artistes be doing wrong? Perhap’s many may be asking , who is Begotten Sun and why should his opinion on the state of Zim Hip-hop be important to us? – Well first let’s give you the four reasons and dedicate that for another blogpost.

@begottensun  there are to many mediocre MCs who think rhyming pressa and steessa deserves then a listen.

90% of these “rappers” ain’t saying anything other than masterbating on generic trap beats.

because a lot of these rapper have no destinct identity.

, and aren’t out yes

u dumb niggaz slept on the best mixtape every musically and lyrically in ZimHiphop ‘s

producers refuse to push themselves further in knowledge after getting their FLStudio crack on their Pentium 3

there’s no more MMT or Few Kings.

“producers” who take credit for other kids work and insist on featuring their whack bars on a kids track. Lame!

bloggers what to be rappers. Rappers what to be bloggers.

90% of these rappers look like whindis and are just NOT cool or aspiration. Use do and look fly dammit.

There’s more the original arty farty custodians treated it like a fucking secret society hidden at the book cafe.

the entry bar is just too low. An FL install and condenser mic doesn’t make u a fucking label.

we spend more time on these lists than actually putting out fucking music.

Well it seem the Twitter hashtag has gained momentum and more people have joined in. Go out there and have fun with this. Follow @Mcpotar on twitter, to catch some of the baddest opinions about Zim Hip-hop…. which of course sucks because I rap too.


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