Zimbabwe’s Spoken Word Poet, @Madzitatiguru ‘s Monday Noose and T.S.I.N.E

Every Monday I am sure to get a long read on Facebook of a long insightful but hilarious status by Tendekai “Madzitatiguru” Tati. He talks of current events especially in the arts industry in a provocative and humourous manner. He calls this the hang man’s Noose and no one is immune to his scrutiny. Just follow #MondayNoose

Madzitatitiguru African Spoken Word Poet

Tendekai Tati is a spoken word artist popularly known for double meaning poetry which seems to address small issues while addressing big issues. His poem Mapete for example seemed to be talking about cockroaches but in the end it made an analogy with cockroaches and corrupt individuals. He also has done a popular poem about ZESA before. He is good at his craft and seems to be interested in sharing the stage with stand up comedians nowadays.

Last year he dropped an E.P called T.S.I.N.E (The Struggle Is Necessary) which some bloggers have said to be slept on. It was dropped sometime during the festive season and was a home recording. Overall mastering was not Take Fizzo standard but it is audible and funny. It also showed that he could be write a goal and accomplish it. The Hang Man’s Noose is on its 6th episode and he will definitely never run out of anything to write on it. I did not talk to him prior to this write up so I have no idea what he plans to do with it, but in my opinion, he deserves an elevation of visibility right now. He gives alternative opinions in hip-hop and spoken word. He addresses key social issues that affect the average Tendekai.

He is also known to write very good scripts so don’t be surprised to see him breaking out into the film industry.

If you’d like to get his work go to http://www.reverbnation.com/madzitatiguru and please share what you get with other people.

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