Zim Hip-hops 10 Commandments

We have carved in stone some commandments that we believe Zim Hip-hop should abide by. This is by no means a religious or spiritual thing so for those who will easily be offended by the use of the term “10 Commandments” just chill out. Nobody said they are coming from God or any deity.

Also Hip-hop is a “free will” zone. You don’t have to agree with this.  Let’s go over to our own version of  Mt. Sinai.


  1. Thou shall praise no other genres above Zim Hip-hop. Know that Zim Hip-hop is your first choice of art.


Now many “sinful” individuals in Hip-hop are in the habit of badmouthing Zim-hiphop in support of Zim dancehall and other genres. Some would like to praise South African Hip-hop or American hip-hop over Zimhiphop in every debate. We will not allow this lack of patriotism to continue. A true Zim hip-hop fan defends the genre no matter what. No genre in Zimbabwe is above us according to us. We are genre-centric.


  1. Thou shall not boot-lick other artistes.

It’s good to be a fan, even while you are an artiste, but bootlicking another artiste is a different thing all together. Leave that job to the groupies. Supporting a certain team so much that you are blind to its mistakes and deem all their punchlines dope is a NO. Zim Hip-hop is the only thing you’re allowed to bootlick and I mean Zim Hip-hop as a genre. This is what is in line with the first commandment.


  1. Thou shall not say the name of Zim Hip-hop in vain or put it to disrepute.

When a certain individual artiste makes his own mistakes do not identify his actions as those of “Zim Hip-hop”. You should differentiate between his personal actions and those common in Zim Hip-hop as a whole. In other words, suppose the individual buys views, bribes or promotes decadence in his music. Do not be found in public supporting the notion that Zim hip-hop is a genre that buys views, promotes decadence and gives dj’s bribes. Know that Zim Hip-hop is blameless in this aspect but rather it is the individual that takes blame.


  1.  Remember the release day, keep it exciting.

Make sure you remember and respect the release day of your music and that of your team. Keep us excited and plan it well. We do not want to see chaotic project releases. We do not want to see date shifts either. The release day is sacred.


  1. Honour your pioneers and greats

Whether you now live in a time where you think you have doper bars than King Pinn, Metaphysics , Shingirai – Mau Mau, Begotten Sun, Mr See and the various other fore-runners of this genre in Zimbabwe, you should maintain respect towards their names and not even mention them in disrespectful sentences. However this does not mean you should defy commandment 2. There is a difference between respecting an individual and bootlicking them. T


  1. Thou Shall Murder

If you get a beat, you shall murder it. Thou shall not be allowed to be murdered by the beat. Enough said.


  1. Thou shall not commit adultery

Having relations with the widely known lover of a fellow emcee is a no-no as it will bring beef and eventually disrepute to the genre. There are many men and women to go around, you don’t have to choose someone elses. The jay-Z and Nas beef was partly stimulated by a similar case. It is not good for the genre, in or out of Zimbabwe.


  1. Thou Shall Not Steal

Whether its stolen concepts, flows, delivery or rhyme patterns. Thou shall not steal. We do not want to hear Zimbabwe’s version of Drake, we want to hear you. We do not want you to do a song about Ciroc because Ross would’ve also done a concept on Ciroc in that month. You may do remixes but if you’re stealing a concept to put it in an album, that’s shallow. Let’s be original and make Zim hip-hop awesome.


  1. Thou shall not plot against fellow emcees

Plotting the downfall of a fellow emcee can have negative effects on the whole genre. Love your enemy. We may not all get along as a genre but plotting ones demise is another thing. mUnetsi in Victory (get it here) mentioned that there are people who would pay DJ’s not to play his material. There are many other incidents that go on under the carpet. We are having none of that in Zimbabwean Hip-hop.

10.Thou shall not be jealous or covet other people’s success.

You shall not desire any mans level of success to the extent that you want it taken away from them and given to you. Jealousy is the reason award nominations, shows, television and radio-play are given to some and a certain group rants because they wish it would have been them. Sometimes yes, some of these things may be given unfairly but there are times when people speak against them out of pure jealousy.


These are the 10 Commandments of Zim Hip-hop according to Provokatif Nation. Like we said this is nothing religious and has little to do with the Biblical Ten Commandments though you will notice all of them were written in juxtapose to the 10 Commandments given to Moses.


No offense to anyones beliefs. Let’s continue the discussion on twitter.

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