Zim Hip-hop Songs That You May Want To Add To Your Playlist 2014 – Part 1

Hip-hop music in Zimbabwe seems very quiet but it isn’t, just that blogs are pretty quiet these days. I can’t speak for others but for me it’s that workload season on top of working on my own EP promotion, I’ve been awfully busy, but not too busy to notice the new songs that I found worth a listen.

Of course I get multiple submissions daily from many an artiste but am only human to be able to download what I can. Marukaz remix is out and I saw the link yesterday while I was on my way to Harare, it features Simba Tagz, FTR and Mc Cut. All I gotta say is FTR went in, but I vibe with the first one better. Great tune, check it out here.

Meanwhile Jae Mac has started giving free beats again in something he calls #MacMondays where he is cleaning up old beats. I remember last year around June he gave away elevated which became a ladder for Navy Seal to easily step on the scene when this site was fresh. That was the first artiste review I did.  Today however we have so many artistes dropping new music that even I can’t keep up with links but the least I can do is drop them here for you to download.

DJ Krimz dropped Money dance this week featuring D-Block, Corvil James and Carlo. It’s a turn up song and I definitely felt the production on that song. DJ Krimz previously gave us Boyz Remukute featuring Kadoma’s Boyz Remukute which has been doing well on the radio and on the streets. Unlike last year when he seemed to have more rants than tracks out Krimz has stepped up to say , “Yo, we taking over.” You know it’s serious when that’s the average request on School Hip-hop fan page landing them at number 5 on entering charts, later getting to number 3. Usually we see tracks make entrance from number 10. WHATSAPP NOW AND GET IT 0776023436

Now Rehab has yet another upcoming artiste by the name of Little Reverb comin g through with a song called Mugove, which personally reminded of when Zhakata was the Marques of his time, little bags on his belt and Michael; Jackson moves. If you listen to the track however you realize that Little Reverb is part of an upcoming breed being raised by Xndr into the mainstream industry but also speaking his reality. Mugove is inheritance and this guy just wants his portion of success. Here is the download.

State Of The Art, some clique from Harare once again produced by Hitmen dropped The Plague. This song has contribution from Taz , Fab and Stunnerman. Don’t judge stunnerman for his name, he is in no way trying to be Stunner or making sex tapes or anything. He is just a good kid spitting bars…. The hook is very strange but the bars are sick. Kids these days can rap. Get it here

Noble Stylz did a remix of “that song” #XndrVoice with Jay Mashaire, Blac Perl,  Dobba Don, Mr Noxa and Snazzy. It was full of born frees and all. I personally ride to that though some independent rap critics think the first Ma Born Free was deeper. Well it’s up to you to make your own judgement of “that song” by downloading it here.

Did I leave anyone out? Well download that person here.  Download those links I gave you today, no need to get over excited  you have a lot of tabs open right now … there’s a part 2.

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