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Nowadays I receive links so much American Hip-hop is starting to fall out of my playlist as I am giving preference to Zimbabwean and basically African music. Some of the productions are very good, some are mediocre and some make me regret downloading. All can be improved on and show me that there is work being put in the industry. I am in a period where I am coming across new names everyday.

This week I thought of compiling a good blog post on the songs I personally have been bumping this week. They are not new, but some are new to me, though they may have been uploaded long ago. The list is not in any specific order. Number one on the list is not necessarily my number one. I created this list from a broad selection of songs. I listen to this during different times, it is not based on what you may think about the artists or whether they piss you off.  It is also not based on who you thought should have been in there, but I will definitely be glad to hear who you want to see in my next play list next time. You can tweet that to me (@Mcpotar).

  • Meyniak  ft. Ciya – P.D.R – this is a rather new offering from Meyniak. He is a young hip-hop artist based in Harare, Zimbabwe and he has always appealed to my ear. He is affiliated with G-records, I did not research whether he is signed or not but I first took interest in his work when Sharky introduced the guy to me.  They were both in beyond Rap at the time.  He has this aggressive flow to a beat that leaves it in a coma.  The song P.D.R is truly a dope offering about a girl, lover and other drugs like that. I certainly think Meyniak , if he builds the right relationships will own the moment one of these days. Get it here
  • FTR- Ambitious Girl – the first instance of FTR I heard was in Synik’s Syncity.  He is a great producer, I took a tour to his reverb nation to download at least one song.  I was not not disappointed. I downloaded, Ambitious Girl, though I got what seems to be a snippet of the song. I could resonate with the lyricism, beat and hook.  A very promising sound for Zimbabwean hip-hop. I will definitely be taking another tour to his reverbnation. http://www.reverbnation.com/ftr
  • J Wyzle – Let It Go – ft Anna, Mariachi, Jeffy – This song sort of shifts the mood, to something one can listen to in relaxation mode.  The song manages to inspire and soothe the soul, while entertaining at the same time. I got this link via twitter, from the artist some days ago. The chorus is beautiful as well. The third verse had an inspirational message as well, but I wished there was more work done to delivery on it.  All the same it will be on my playlist for a while. http://www.reverbnation.com/jwyzle/
  • Teexy – Hatichamiri – A Harare based 16 year old femcee who I was initially not keen on writing about because of her age. I really needed to see her report book especially with the low pass rates we have been getting. She actually wrote O- Level and passed, she’s going for A-Level. She is coming up, I like her song because youthful. It’s not too hard. It reminds me of when I had a passion to rhyme at her age and I personally hope she does well in her A’s. hope to see her take this music up in the next two years. http://www.hulkshare.com/teexy/teexy-hatichamiri
  • Flabbz Ashton – Lead Me – Now it doesn’t really matter how much I write about this song. It definitely is on my playlist and will be for a while because I am a Christian and I need to be led to. Flabbz Ashton is a very talented Christian emcee and I actually wish I could step to that level of expressing my faith on a mic. This song is the bomb, you might want it on your playlist too if you understand Shona. I want to share it with as many people as possible. https://soundcloud.com/jesuspositiveflabbz/lead-me-flabbz-feat-vuyo
  •  De Accolade – Manager Part 1 – This is another Shona song from a Zim hip-hop emcee about how he gets in an affair with his manager, who is also his girlfriends mum and mother’s friend.  He definitely has a great story telling ability. His beat has a local feel which some of you may liken to the urban grooves sound. I personally think it’s just the Zimbanbwean original sound of Hip-hop, compared to music that thrives to sound American. Part 1 is quite good, I don’t think there is a follow up to the song yet. His reverbnation page is a good entertainment space for good local shone rap music.http://www.reverbnation.com/deaccoladeluxe
  • Navy Seal, Mcpotar, Synik – Watz it all for – I always keep one of my songs in my little playlist. This is an old song; Navy Seal, Synik and I did in late 2011, in Marondera. The beat was provided by First Class Beatz.  I love the song, I listen to it on a regular basis and I recommend that you go out there and get that song. Get it here
  • MMT ft Tinashe Makura – Koovha – no matter how much this song may be criticized or hated on, MMT is building its own audience out of simple party songs that actually top the charts in Short Time space. I definitely like this song and I think the “hating MMT era is over”. Forget what happened last year,  we are one Family we need to put our Koovha’s in the air and make merry. http://www.reverbnation.com/mmtmusic/songs
  • Savage – Ghetto Stars– I did a full blogpost on this song recently. This guy is a great story teller. I enjoy listening to this song when I’m relaxed and I really think he has taken time to work on his craft. There’s so much talent in this country and I love it. His story telling abilities make you see what’s going on in your heard. Get it here.
  •  Outspoken – Waiting For The Bus – off his album God Before everything. This song has not missed a single playlist since I got it. The song has a spiritual presence and sounds quite conscious. I love the sound, the guitars and the ambience. It shifts my playlist to a totally conscious Paradigm before I go back to the Meyniak song. http://www.outspokenthahumbleneophyte.com/

Let’s keep supporting Zimbabwean Hip-hop and always feel free to follow me on twitter (@Mcpotar) and get new blog posts on how we can make moves in the rap game.  I appreciate Zim hip-hop, let’s talk about it all day. Daily I encourage everyone to do a few actions to support Zimbabwean hip-hop, stop propagating nay say about how other genres are better than us but be the change you want to see in our culture of hip-hop. It is not the job of the old guns alone to carry this cross. It’s harsh out here

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