Zim Hip Hop Song Review- @TehnDiamond ft Dhadza D Simudza Gumbo

Tehn Diamond ft Dhadza D -Simudza Gumbo Song Overview

Last week a top student of the hip hop game dropped a song where he featured a top dancehall student. I am talking about Simudza Gumbo by hip hop artist Tehn Diamond which features Dhadza D. I think it’s going to be on his debut solo album The Perfect Tehn. The song is basically what I would classify as a “conscio-commercio track” (that’s my own word :P) , something like what Kanye West’s Jesus Walks was (minus religion/spirituality).

The melody and beat is typical of a commercial track but the underlying message is strong and didactic like that of conscious hip-hop music. Over the years some of my closest friends thought Tehn Diamond was going “soft” but I guess he has been expressing his reality as he sees it and balancing it with what appeals to a wider market, rather than just metaphor hungry hip-hop heads. He does drop very conscious verses sometimes, like in Synik’s – Before Dawn. After hearing a lot of party offerings I was naturally inclined to thinking Simudza Gumbo (lift your leg: Shona) meant “dance your feet off”. However I realized it actually retained its original Zimbabwean war cry meaning.

Tehn Diamond ft. Dhadza D Simudza Gumbo – Cover Art

The term Simudza Gumbo is a popular Zimbabwean war cry term; in its fullness it is actually, “Simudza gumbo, harizi rako” (which is the hook of the song actually). Meaning “Lift that foot, It’s not yours”. That statement was introduced during the Zimbabwean liberation war. It meant, one would lift his foot and go to war on behalf of Zimbabwe a.k.a “take one for the team” a.ka. “service above self”. All those phrases are closely related. So how does Tehn Diamond embed this in his message?

The Underlying Message In The Song Simudza Gumbo

At the beginning of the song Tehn is addressing a girl who seems to think that her goals in life will be fulfilled by dating people who have already made it big. However from time to time this girl has ended up hurt with tears in her eyes because these “big people” have options and sooner or later they left her.  This is real in a Zimbabwean environment where a lot of young girls (I’m not saying this is bad) invest in dietary plans, face powders and mascaras to attract the elite while they ignore investing in a skill, education, self growth and things that make one truly independent. They date this rich guy, with whom six of them share and soon he leaves them broken and that lifestyle they had lived with him needs to be maintained.  This is the message I decoded from that part of the track.

He goes on to highlight the Zimbabwean brain drain issue. We have Zimbabwean young people working outside to make ends meet and building industries, economies and futures of other countries. So Tehn is saying, they should “Simudza Gumbo” for their country which needs future leaders and maintenance of a culture, but the youth are too far to get advice from Tete , “What’s the student with no tutor, “. This is all within the first verse of what sloppy listeners would regard a party song.

Tehn also addresses how the youth should take opportunities and how the hustle is really not about showing off, looking hot or how many followers you have on social media when there is barely a cent in the bank.  I guess he is trying to say we need more leaders than followers in order to “Simudza Gumbo” for Zimbabwe. This message is relevant in this 2014 era of “dhora mu-bag”.

Basically the song talks about what conscious rap listeners know as the “system” and how people have become victim to it. Tehn Diamond calls upon young people outside Zimbabwe to come back to Zimbabwe and help revive the country with their knowledge and natural resources.

Final Word

I enjoyed the whole song and I resonate with it more than Happy. I guess I can never be Happy till people take this message seriously, work on it after the party and apply it. #It2014 and we have to wake up every morning set goals, prepare things and hustle. Sometimes the fruit will be eaten by future Zimbabweans, which is the principle of Simudza Gumbo and has been carried from generation to generation from Nehanda to Hebert Chitepo. This revolution is a different one, because we are in the information  society. When you provide knowledge, skill and labour to the other team, you’re not taking one for yours.

I’m off to Church stay blessed. Please like my page for quick updates on Zim hip-hop , comics, poetry and also my music click here.

Download Tehn Diamond ft Dhadza D- Simudza Gumbo By Clicking that Link

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