Zim hip hop Pregnant First half 2015 Offsprings Expected In Final Half by Terence Machisa

By Terence K. Machisa

Still birth or bouncing baby boys ??

2015 started off on a rather slow note in the music industry considering the HipHop scene but it wouldn’t be safe to say it wasnt productive as it Produced such as Rpeels – Where Did King Go, Sinbad90 – Chose This Life, Wishiz – Dzikama, Blacperl – They Do Thega& Born Allahu 7 dropped his 27 track masterpiece titled “Gnostic Gospels – The Lost Scrollz” among other classic singles.

However The 2nd Half of the year seems to be Bulging with Full Projects (Albums, Mixtapes,EPs) and Singles as well. We have already been presented with “We On” by T1 Wema1 from Rehab ENT which was produced by Mclynebeats. The Big Shots fam shot us with KiDDAktive single “Musengabere” which features J. Nova, Savage &MykePimp. J. Nova also blessed us with his 20 track mixtape “HiStory in The Making”. the “Nekuti” love song by Mambo Munetsi is not one of the ordinary love songs you hear on radio and is a must have.

Entering the project mode Rpeels (iKoNikMusik Artist) is set to drop his “Forgive My Honesty” Ep to day (7 September 2015) and it will be available for free
download online, CDs will be available for $2.50 afterwards. We are all waiting for the rapper’s first 2015 full project.

Born Allahu 7 is also set to bless us with a Concious Collaborative Mixtape with TakuMazire (ConFuze) titled “7 Rings of Saturn”… Noactual release date has been said yet but its dropping this month and all we can do its patiently wait.

Yes and lastly from the MasofaPanze stable, Noble Stylz is also expected to drop his “Better Than Your Album” mixtape later this year and the release date I am not aware of yet but the Title is interesting enough to keep my hopes high.

Could 2015 be another exciting year in ZimHipHop ? Is it another progressive year towards our (ZimHipHop) achievements ? All we can do is wait and see for ourselves.

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