Zim Hip-hop News Should Be Banned

I’ve been away from blogging for a while because I was doing my PR campaign for the city but in my absence I hear an unscrupulous podcast show has surfaced under the term Zim Hip-hop News. Now don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of innovation and I support youngsters who would also like to lead this culture but they have to adhere to ethical guidelines which are en-scripted in every humans conscience.

The podcast has decided to sell controversial stories and so called “truths” under the guise of a certain Brian Willis, the main reporter who speaks quite eloquently and an annoying side-kick Mark Porayi. They lack simple journalistic principles such as investigating before reporting assumptions. It is such a shame that two adult men spend their time discussing what our artistes are doing wrong and take sides.

For instance they took sides on the Ahsayn versus Rayo issue and have gone on to cheat the ballot in twitter polls. I have not met any of these individuals and do not wish to but I asked to talk to  Brian Willis via Zim Hip hop News twitter platform and he DMed back.

Mark Porai

As you can see I reached out to them politely and I even picked the guy I thought was more reasonable but they gave me a rude response thereby defiling the ethics of simple journalism. I am not an expert myself but surely we can not allow such nincompoops to contaminate the vessel of Hip-hop in the Republic of Zimbabwe.

I call upon the pundits in the pedagogy of Hip-hop such as Begotten Sun to denounce them publicly. I am unhappy with the “kwaaa’s” , “hahahahahaha’s” and such that they have been exchanging with the twitter account. Brythreesixty too whom I respect much has also fallen prey to the poisonous Zim Hip-hop News and all he had to say was ,”Hahahahahaha, these guys are crazy”.

Seriously we shall not tolerate such misdemeanor and we should make such platforms irrelevant by not downloading their silly podcast at all.

I’m done here.


Disappointed Blogger

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