Zim Hip-hop & Media Bias and My View

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Today I want to talk about the Zimbabwean Hip-hop industry and its tendency to have favourites. There is always a band or artist that seems to get to radio faster.

The “drinks for airplay” era is not over, it has just got new faces. The DJ’s and artists are friends usually; so even in a show were independent artists submit their music you will keep hearing artists affilliated to a certain stable if not the same ones again and again. Each DJ will have his homegirls and homeboys and interview them on the show. When I was young Galaxy Records once dominated airplay and this issue became very controversial when Phathood insinuated beef. The stable had good artists but with media bias we thought only they had talent.

See the media is like your mother; you believe what she tells you. If the media decides that Mcpotar is the next attraction; I will #elevate to that in no time. If they decide to ignore what I am offering I may look like I faded out. The media is like your mother. So right now they have rappers they support and they interview each other. Friends of emcees run shows and blogs.

My site is exempt from always talking about me because it’s Mcpotar.com so is Mc Chita’s website or Tehn’s. When you have a website or blog however dedicated to talking about urban culture; there is a problem when you are not balanced. As if some people are Zim Hip-hop while some are not. The people being shut out of these media outlets are more talented than the ones being marketed. This website had to carry the cross for Navy Seal because blogs gave us the silliest excuses. They wanted our artist on Hulkshare. Now Begotten Sun exposed hulkshare the other day. So I was not willing to let Navy fall in that category.

Hulkshare registers a play everytime you refresh. Try it. Get a hulkshare link and watch the plays increase after each refresh. Have you done it? Now we were told blogs need a link where someone can stream before download which was obviously a fake reason. Synik dropped a .zip file on his domain last year (and you can’t stream that) how come everyone blogged about him (me included; am a fan). So how is it that when we offer a direct download on my site it’s now a problem.

You have to understand where my blogpost about elevating to awesomeness was coming from. I have no beef with anyone promoted by DJ’s and Bloggers at the moment but I have beef with the system.

The media should be clear on submission criteria and say “we only accept bribes, our relatives and friends” then we wouldn’t bother to approach them after all the work we put on quality.

Call To Action

Next time you see a reverbnation link from an upcoming artist; if you have bandwidth to spare give him a try. He might be better than your radio favourite; if he’s wack at least you know (even radio plays wack artists after-all). If he or she is good don’t hesitate to like or share the music all in the spirit of promoting the suppressed and unheard.

I will not tire; I am the realest opinion; I will call a spade a spade. If the situation changes I will report the change. Let’s continue this in my comments; if you don’t have Navy Seal’s Elevated please follow the link above, download and tell me if I’m wrong.

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