Download Free Zim Hip-hop (Albums/ Songs)

The Mcpotar EP - 8 Tracks Download Nowcover artThe Mcpotar EP is a 2014 Zim Hip-hop EP (short album) which he did  to promote his free hip-hop mp3's in one folder. It has about 8 Tracks and some videos. 




Brief History

Mcpotar grew up doing winning literary contests for prose and poetry at Milton Junior School, then spent most of his high school life self producing demos in friends rooms against his parents will. He met Navy Seal along the way in boarding school and they’ve worked hand in hand since. Platforms such as Mashoko by Magamba elevated his talent by a long shot. He has also worked with Sharky, Xndr, First Class Beatz, Annie Maliki, Thembelihle Zulu, The Art Department and Quence Motion along with other artistes of his time.