Zim Hip hop Awards Jokes – Because Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Mcpotar mocking Zim Hip hop Awards.

Sometimes pictures speak more volumes than words, that’s why i like to embed humour about Zimbabwean Hip hop in pictures like this. Just the other day, I saw many young rappers flood my timeline bragging about how Supa Mandiwanzira had attended their awards. In their view the awards were a success because Supa Mandiwanzira came. They were so happy they had blogs writing it and blasting those that decided to boycott the “Prize Giving Day” as losers.

Well time is a snitch because time “will tell”. Later on i saw in my timeline emcees (notice i said emcees) happy about a 3-mob.com post that said Supa Mandiwanzira blasted at the awards and Carex was “pulling out” of deals with ZHHA and were not “coming”  to see that Tom foolery again.


Don’t ever get me wrong, Hip hop is my culture too and i love it. I don’t like having to make all these jokes about it, but we have to be serious about it. Investors are now pulling out of our events because they are disorganized. Had we held credible, transparent awards more investors would want in. I think it’s now time for the new school, old school and intellectuals of this industry to work on a good strategy for Zim hip hop Awards. As much as Beefy started this movement, it’s time for him to admit that he needs help from people who really know what they are doing. Even if he is doing it for money (which wouldn’t be wrong), I think if he ensured credible awards with categories that make sense, he’d make his money twice over and still make hip-hop happy. So that if Obama comes to our next awards, he will not go and give a bad report in the states.

To be honest, i was looking at award winners, most of them look legit to me but the only issue is them hiding the judges from us, and those judges pulling out. That was poor planning for a ceremony that’s in it’s third year. however, their misfortune though I have no proof looks planned. If it was planned, whoever plotted against them is a genius.


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