Zim Born Diva Features In Scooby Nero Washkalakunda Remix

You may have bopped your head to the track by Scooby Nero, Washkalakunda. It’s the type that gets girls twerking on the dance-floor and rescues a gig from being a flop. DJ’s are in love with this one.

Well there is a remix whose audio was released some months ago but more recently there is a remix which features Gigi Lamayne, Maraza , MizDee , AB-Crazy.

Uh oh! I know what you’re thinking. When you saw the name Gigi Lamayne you thought she’s the Zim Diva I was talking about because she has been rumored before to be from Zimbabwe (she explained here). However the diva I am talking about is none other than Miz Dee, a petite melanin beauty with enticing lyrics.

She opens the song as she dances with her entourage in a short skirt. She has developed over the years a Jamaican Lingo and to stick to her roots she even has Shona added to the lyrics.

In an interview with the diva she said, “Scoobynero hit me in the DM and expressed that he loved my style of music after he’d listened to one of my tracks. He wanted some of that steez on his Remix for washkalakunda. I listened to the track and it was a banger and so we recorded my verse the next day.”

She went on to compliment that  Maraza’s verse was lit.

I will say, I first knew of Miz Dee in 2013, back then she was steadily pushing her music at every opportunity she got. Her relentless effort has made her rise especially when she started fusing her music with the dancehall culture.

“Stay tuned… A lot is in the pipeline… next up is the video for RadioSexx another dancehall feature I did with Scoobynero. The audio is out now. For now I’m just looking forward to #washkalakundaremix hitting the screens hard!”

She’s sexy, energetic and has this confidence in herself. I loved this one.

You can watch it here.

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