ZHHA – Not Impressed With New MMT Zvidhori Video

Last year ZHHA enjoyed itself on the release of Zvidhori remix. As a the Chair Person, I was so happy to have some material to have a blast with. The song had a video done with less prep, video quality was good.  I respect the guys that did it, but the elements that people wanted to see where missing like Madzibaba after cop assault.

If you can’t see a video above… stop using opera mini, but here’s the link.

ZHHA was happy on seeing this. We had a blast I tell you and many a blog nailed MMT to the cross and they seemed a bit pissed on their page if you ask me. You know how people can over criticize anything in zim like they got better. As a ZHHA member that was more material for me. By the way ZHHA in this case is not Zim Hip-Hop Awards. It’s Zimbabwe Hardcore Hater Association and I am Chairman. Recently my team has been punishing Schingy for Blessem, we intend to hate on Young Nash, Sinbad 90, Karma and Crooger soon too… but something just went wrong.

MMT dropped a good video early this week and I can’t believe it. Leaves me and my crew with nothing to hate on . Well I was going to hate on the sexy ladies in the background but then again that would be clearly hatocracy. See the art of hating is to hate in elusive ways. Now MMT did do their homework to fix the glitch that put them in bad light last year. As usual, good news won’t spread as fast as bad news but this is classic material, I think they got the recipe. Andy Cutta you deserve to be MP man, so you can sleep in parliament and meditate on more concepts man.

If you really care about Zim Hip-hop and it’s future you will agree. If you are about supporting individuals and cliques rather than the art itself, this is just more material for you to criticize the growth of Hip-hop in Zimbabwe. Let’s give respect where it’s due and not hate. I know these comments will get me removed from ZHHA chairmanship and all but I guess it’s time to move on from my Player Hater Career and appreci-hate Zimhip-hop.

Check-out their new website http://www.thatMMTmusic.com

Please Check out the new MMT video and pass the link your hommies. Tell them to pass it on. To maintain this site, I go through a lot and you can support what we tryna do here by buying a Provokatif T-shirt for $15 if you’re in Harare. Call or whatsapp Brian on +263 772 394 392 to make an order.

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