Zesa by Daley x Splits Loui x Maec (prd by Tha Kanivore) – Zim Hip-hop Mp3

I met Daley in person about a day ago and he told me he was sending something to my inbox, well I checked my inbox and I found this potential club hit sitting right there. The title of the song is ZESA and it’s not a diss at ZESA is I thought.

Daley , Splits Loui and Maec ride on beat by Tha Kanivore to talk about how a certain girl dances as as if she is being electrocuted by ZESA (Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority). The song is based on that metaphor and that is the first part of their creative process.

The hook is great, it has a modern and young energetic feel to it and the bars are on beat.

The first verse compares her dances to that of the notorious Bev Sibanda ( some Zim Pole dancer lol). The verse is actually very sexual/sensual and depending on your moral compasss you may or may not vibe to this but well don’t we all dance to the same when Trey SDongs and Chris Brown say the same?

There are referrences to Boys Remukute are made as well among other bars. I think the bars are great but overtime the trio needs to work on creating solid punchlines to court attention even though it’s a party song. All in all the simplicity is actually good for the songs digestibility.



With enough rotation on radio you will be surprized where the song can go.


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