Zaangoma’s Queen : Tadiwa Talks Runway Show & Zim Fashion Week

Did you know that Tadiwa Chimbodza, the spark that lights up Zaangoma Hip-hop Show with beauty is a fashion designer as well? In between doing photography, acting roles, business and looking pretty, the young lady is a designer with a registered brand known as Maison De Rouge (MDR). This year she will be showcasing some of her designs at Fashion Week.

Maison De Rouge - Tadiwa Chimbodza

“My brand involves itself in all things that would make up the lifestyle of the ideal MDR woman: travel, cuisine, fashion, good music, beauty and simply living life. The tagline of the brand says it all “Excited for life, for love and for the beauty in everything”., a smiling Tadi told . Tadiwa said as she smiled during the interview. She had just come out of yet another shoot of the Zaangoma show. Tired from other errands she had done that day, but still willing to give me some time to interview her. I guess then, the MDR woman is defined by hard work.

Maison De Rouge means “House of Red” and we all know red as a colour of passion and ambition, all of which are attributes one automatically see in the bright eyes of Tadiwa.

“The purpose of my MDR is to create beautiful clothes. To promote good craftsmanship, class and elegance,” She said, before I proceeded in a different direction to ask her what Zaangoma meant to her. We actually had to sit down to talk about the show and I know she loves it as if it were her child. It is an extention of the causes Maison De Rouge invests in. Tadi revealed taht she loved episode 2 than all of them.

“Episode 2 was my favourite on a personal level simply because I got to interact with a guest on my set. Interaction excites me and the rooftop was amazing.” I guess Tadiwa may have a segment soon where she interacts with people. The MDR brand is about social experience as well. Like any star she has been attacked as a presenter, for skills she was developing. In my view despite how hurtful some of the criticism has been, Tadiwa has learnt to deal with it. To take the positive and leave what does not resonate with her.

“As a presenter I have learnt to deal with criticism by sifting through, by deciding whose opinion matters based on whose intentions are the purest and whose expertise has been proven.” She said.

“The Runway Show will be for Zim Fashion Week, and my actual show will take place on Friday the 4th of September at 6pm. More details on the MDR of the official page.”

There you have it. Don’t miss it.

Catch her on instagram and twitter @tadiwa_chimbodza | @maison_de_rouge

Zimbabwe Fashion Week

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