Young Magwegwe Politician Eyes Future Presidency

We caught up with a young aspiring and energetic Bulawayo politician who decided to run for parliament. Nigel is not new to community projects and has headlined before for his leadership roles in various arena’s.

Of course I had not anticipated that he would join politics. Here is an interview I conducted some weeks back with him on Whatsapp.

Mcpotar: Give us a personal brand description of who Nigel Ndlovu is, include accolades and milestones. Mention if you are married or have children. Please do share your  line of work too.

Nigel is an entrepreneur, an award winning filmmaker, digital strategist, artist and politician. He’s into writing, blogging, poetry, travelling and camping. Nigel is single and has no child.

Mcpotar: What qualifies you to be an instrument of change in Magwegwe? Should you fail to deliver part of your mandate, will you get back to the electorate to express why?

I qualify to be an instrument of Magwegwe because ,I want to see change and I have leadership traits acquired in the arts and media sector which I can adapt to developmental activities in Magwegwe. I qualify because I am a Zimbabwean have a right to represent my community just like any other Zimbabwean as stated in our constitution of Zimbabwe.

Mcpotar: What are some of the challenges that your constituency has faced. To what extent do you think you can change them given the mandate?

Our current leader is not accountable, to the people, I aim to be accessible and listen to the people, underdevelopment ,just like any area in Zimbabwe is suffering from underdevelopment in all the key areas, like health, security, social security, education.

I have some ideas and development solutions ,however I’m not imposing anything to anyone, the manifesto is an open manifesto, above all I aim to be a constituency lawyer, that is the mandate of any MP, to fully represent the constituency of Magwegwe.

I also want highlight a lot burning issues at National level, like the lack of community radio stations because the current government does not want decentralized communities, I will also advocate for the respect of intellectual property, promotion of personal development studies in schools etc.

Mcpotar: As a leader if you come into office and the people you delegate and are close to you are implicated in corruption, sexual harassment or tribalism what measures do you promise to take.

The law is the law, I make sure the law deals with the individuals, I will blow the whistle. Yes Accountability is key.

Mcpotar: Should you fail to get into office (not saying you will fail). Will you run again in the next 5 years?

I am winning and the vision is bigger than role of MP, the vision is be a governor, minister ,and in the future President.

Mcpotar: Is the current political environment conducive of a free and fair election?

The current environment is not conducive for a free and fair election, but either way we need to step up and rise even there are no electoral reforms. We need to make noise about the reforms and also participate in the process, because if we complain still same big parties will maintain the status quo, so it is critical to advocate for the reforms and hope for change in the process.

Mcpotar: Politically who are the 7 political influences you admire internationally.

Theodore Roosevelt,Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill,Ronald Reagan,Martin Luther King

Mohandas Gandhi,Julius Nyerere.

Mcpotar: Which one of those 7 (if they are/were alive) would you take for coffee?

…Roosevelt for coffee. British historian Hugh Brogan described him as “the ablest man to sit in the White House since Lincoln; the most vigorous since Jackson; the most bookish since John Quincy Adams.” That’s according to JOHN C. MAXWELL,THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP, I find him as an inspiration big time.

P.S  He is also open to Pan African independent thinkers and well wishers,donors to support the vision,his WhatsApp is +263733551903. Also find him via his Social Media Accounts by clicking the links.

Facebook: Nigel Ndlovu

Twitter: @ndlovunigel

Other than the promising bits you’ve read. Here are some good to know facts about where Nigel Ndlovu has been involved.


  • Zimbabwe Open University (2012-2015) BACHELOR OF ARTS IN MEDIA STUDIES
  • The Hi-Five short film runner up at ZIFF2016
  • The Hub Unconference Award winner at Shoko Festival 2016.
  • The Bulawayo arts awards outstanding online media 2017

Work Experience

  • Media Africa Intern-2014
  • Film, video editor and script writer
  • com-2016
  • Brand manager
  • Freelance Blogger {Kalabash media and Open Parly Zimbabwe}
  • Social media consultant for Ibhayisikhopo Film Projects and Divine Pro Skin Care 2017
  • First assistant director [Zifft short film –Freedom 2015]
  • Director and writer –Ekhaya short film 2016]
  • First assistant director –The way it is [Short film by Daniel Lasker 2016]
  • First assistant director-The walk [Short film by Daniel Lasker 2017]
  • Interests and Activities
  • Film making
  • Script writing
  • Blogging
  • Hobbies
  • Film and photography Playing cricket, listening and making music, painting,
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