You Boys Should Stop Smoking Weed

You Boys Should Stop Smoking Weed by Mcpotar

A certain Pastor Michael used to always warn Farai, “You boys should stop smoking weed.” However despite his efforts to advise the boy, Farai used to go out with his friends to night clubs, sleep with multiple girls whilst high on weed. – He was defiant.

One day as Farai walked into the club he saw the Pastor himself drunk with 2 under-age girls under his arms. Farai was very shocked to see this but he wasted no time. He took out his phone and captured different photographs of the Pastor and his little girls. Not only was he doing this, he was smoking weed too. -Yes weed!!!

This was going to be a shocker for everyone.

The next day Farai bathed and headed straight to a gossip newspaper. He told them about what he had and they too were excited, they had not had a solid story like this in weeks. Worse Pastor Michael was a prominent Pastor and for that they offered to pay $250,00 for the pictures. So Farai took out his SD card so they could scroll through the pics and them offload them to the journalists laptop.

After scrolling through all the pictures, they both saw no pictures of the Pastor in a compromising position. In fact there were no pictures of the Pastor or a club at all. All the SD card had were pictures of Farai’s lounge, the sofa, the coffee table and his ashtray.

At this point, the disappointed journalist turned to Farai and said, “You boys should stop smoking weed.”

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