Yagi Dojo Features On Episode 5 Of Zaangoma (ZimHiphop 2015)

Zim Hip-hop for 2015 has been exciting and great. There was a major boost throughout the country though people never noticed. Zaangoma Episode 1 was first aired in March 2015, with Begotten Sun being the first iconic Hip-hop artiste to be  interviewed and R.Peels being the first to drop  a freestyle.

We received a lot of criticism especially on presentation and execution and we appreciate that people took time to build us. After promoting numerous artistes this becomes the last episode of season one. We want to thank all the big supporters that always comment under our videos, our sponsors and people who showed up to our June event.

Zaangoma is coming back in March of 2016, with more improved execution and more exciting content. We are looking forward to it and working hard to fulfil that. My team, Tadiwa, Sharky, Quence Motion, The Hitmen and other collaborators will ensure that Zimhiphop for 2016 will be bigger and there will be more episodes with Season 2.

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