Xenophobia A Drug To Appease Ignorance – Outspoken The Humble Neophyte

Outspoken The Humble Neophyte is a hiphop emcee from Zimbabwe who has been known to be very outspoken about his political views. He has taken his space on Facebook to vent out his opinion on Xenophobic attacks, which he describes as a drug for imbeciles.

Xenophobic attacks are the
imbeciles drug to appease his/her
ignorance into a false gratification
of progress. Sick and tired of this
evil that keeps showing its head!

I totally agree with his view point on this and I believe him speaking out on this will be potent in influencing change. Hiphop has always been an outspoken art that speaks in terms of the root cause which other mediums may hide.

Outspoken is one of the founding fathers of Magamba Network which hosts Shoko Festival, Peace In The Hood, Mashoko and Zambezi News. They have also established many portals for freedom of expression such as Kalabash Media (Which launched on the same day as Mcpotar.Com… I have written for it too).

So we are hoping to see his message expanded through one of these mediums because it is relevant to the times.

We have relatives trying to make a living in South Africa and we all wish Africa would finally unite against ignorance.

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