Would You Pay $10 For Zim Hip-hop Show? Misred (@iMisred) Asks

Misred today via her Facebook page brought up an interesting question which attracted my attention because I am a Zim Hip-hop artiste and blogger.

“Would you pay 10 bucks to go watch an all Zim line up Hip-hop show? #AreWeThereYet #ZimArtists #WeOwnAugust


Well, I follow her personal account as well so this is definitely the first time i have seen the above hashtags. The key hashtag to look at is definitely #AreWeThereYet, in order to interpret that question accurately.

My interpretation of this question would be:

“Does a show with a Zim Hip-hop line up deserve to cost $10?”

The responses expected here should probably be based on the quality of music or performances of it, which we have been seeing in Zim Hip-hop. In the 4th Episode of Zaangoma, Sharky mentioned that performances were not there yet and still needed work for most artistes, him and DJ Krimz also said there was a lack of compelling concepts. Today here is Misred asking a question about the value of the music and the performances. You must understand that $10 is figure that represents value here, but the question still holds:

Is Zim Hip-hop adding enough value to itself to deserve to charge $10?

Well in most of the comments I read, many said they would pay that amount if Tehn Diamond were performing whilst some simply said they would because it would be in support of local content. Cal_Vin and Gze were mentioned as well (which is no surprise). There are obviously those who hate Zim Hip-hop entirely, if you’re an artiste reading this. You don’t really want me to repeat their answers.

Note that the people who said they would pay that much, said they would do it to support local hip-hop. –So if they were from Botswana, would they watch the same show and feel like it’s worth about P100 (or whatever exchange rate gives us 10 bucks)?

What does Mcpotar Say?

I would definitely go for those who have been investing their money and time to make the product worth that much. I would even go, if the line up had artistes who are almost there but have proven that they are doing things to grow because I would know that when they get their cut off my $10 they would sow it back into their careers and grow to actually fulfil that worth.

The word expensive is only true when a product is charged beyond it’s value. Xavier Laurent is not expensive, it’s pricy. However if an imitation of Cascade were to be priced for a dollar, whilst Cascade remains at $0.50, it would be expensive. A dollar is certainly within my reach, but I wouldn’t buy that product for that price.

So based on that, I certainly wouldn’t go and watch a Zim Hip-hop line up for even $3, if the set didn’t look worth that price and if the performances sucked. Time management, organization, good stage set up and all that come into play. The brqand equity of the performers also counts.

Junior Brown, Tehn Diamond, Cal_Vin and so forth were being mentioned in that post because they have worked on increasing their brand equity on and offline, by  presenting their art in certain ways.

Trust me I have met rappers that can probably challenge all 3 lyrically, but lacked the branding side of the things or the business acumen.

Let me say, I want a Hip-hop show to be worth that price or even more. I love hip-hop, I live hip-hop, but until we all start working on enhancing its value that day is not coming.

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