Would Femcee Geezy Foxie Date A Rapper?

Decided to inbox the new school female rapper Geezy Foxie, for an interview. Knowing that she has dropped a few singles, I needed to dig deeper on whether she is single or not, who she is dating and why them. Keep reading to find out.

(By the way make sure to never confuse Gze (Male rapper) and Geezy… or try not to call Geezy Foxie just “Geezy” it may sound gay to some people)


So off course I started with more comfortable questions like…

Mcpotar: We heard Geezy Foxie is dropping a mixtape, what is it called?

Geezy Foxie :It is called THE VICIOUS FOXIE

Mcpotar: Any femcee features in it?

Geezy Foxie: Yes i have Whitney Cash and Smashy in it..those are the only two femcees I managed to get.

Then we went on too the real questions…

Mcpotar: Would you date a rapper? Have you dated a rapper?

Geezy Foxie: Yes I would date a rapper though i have never dated a rapper or an artist before…a rapper is just like every normal person..it all depends if that rapper has those qualities I look for in a man.

Mcpotar: I hope the qualities include having a Hiphop blog… lol.  Which qualities are these?

whatsapp-image-2016-09-08-at-10-45-14Geezy Foxie: ???loool..honest ,caring ,compromising,not self-centered,respectful and sm1 who supports my dreams n career whuz w me all the way through thick n thin..and above all a guy who gives me much attention is all I ever wish for…lol i know that sounds like a lot.

Mcpotar:  I almost made it, but I can’t support your dreams and Barcelona at the same time. So is Geezy dating anybody or is she free to flirt around?

Geezy Foxie: ???loool no Geezy is single  not really free to flirt around however…..

Mcpotar: So we want her to pick an #MCM for Monday, a guy from Zim Hip-hop industry.

Geezy: Wooooah damn thats pretty tricky?…but lemme see..i have to make em two???…it would be [ We will publish him on Monday though we already know who it is]

Mcpotar: What do you want people to know most about you today?

Geezy Foxie: I just want ’em to know that I’m a very able female emcee who’s willing to take over in the game.

You heard her yourselves, please support Geezy Foxie a rising artiste by checking out her song “Viscious” on this datafilehost link, so you can get to decide if she’s worth a shot!

If you a guy, DM her a marriage proposal on @GeezyFoxie and ask for her number after the wedding 🙂

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