Will Cashbid Do It For The Children?

Wil Cashbid do it for the children is the big debate today in Hip-hop groups as local hip-hop critic has been challenged to release his debut by end of July.

Hip-hop mogul Begotten Sun confirms that he promised Bid he would donate $1000 to an orphanage if Cashbid released his album before end of July.

Because of the delay since 2014, Cashbid’s lyrcal design has gained anticipation and lost it and regained it after he started playing “Charlamaigne Tha God”. The question of course was simple.

“Where is your album?”

Cashbid  is recently celebrating marriage to  his wife Amy and we congratulate him for that.

Will he also give the kids who do not have families this gift.

Lyrical Redesign?

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