Why Zim Artistes Should Stop Complaining About Piracy

Since we entered the second millennium I’ve watched profiles and interviews of different artistes from Zimbabwe. Very creative talents as far as music is concerned but not very creative when it comes to finding a way around piracy fuelled by the digital music error.

Somehow somebody told musicians that money could only be made in music through the sale of shiny round things called CD’s. Well you must realize that only made sense when most people consumed music via CD’s. It’s more like if you had been selling cassettes in that era of CD’s you’d have run great losses. Now how many people mostly listen to music via their phones or digital music players (iPod etc)?

I can’t remember the last time I used a CD even to install software. The extinction of trhe CD is inevitable as much as stone became less powerful in the iron age. Not that you couldn’t grind peanut butter using a rock anymore, but iron made that and a lot of other things easier.

Today we can speak of mobile applications such as OLOVA Music App (read about them here) by Factor O. Do you trust it? Well I do trust them as long as they maintain their side of the deal and I believe musicians should stop complaining and embrace this new innovation by young people.

We also have people selling e-books on Mazwi (find them here), a website that sells digital books from Zimbabwe through our paypal alternative, Paynow (find them here) which was introduced by Webdev in June 2014. This means that the old heads should move with the times and sign up with these kids to move their music digitally.

After-all even people my father’s age no longer have their music experience via a compact disc which had it’s advantages anyway. There are no scratches on my CD via OLOVA App are they?

On the other hand, people should learn to be innovative like Trae Yung (read her story here). She has managed to effectively use the freemium model and sell merchandise alongside her music. CD sales are still possible for the die-hard fans but bulk production of them maybe suicidal to your wallet. Of course we cannot leave out shows and sponsored corporate event appearances or weddings, depending what you are about.

Endorsement deals seem like a hard task but I think it is possible to get one the more organized you get. The more you view your art as a business, do market research and learn how to pitch propositions as if you were any other business. CD’s alone will not feed the rising artiste we need to get serious.

If you want to learn more about The Freemium Model from basics, click this link to learn the basics.

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