Why You Should Accept Your Flawed Partner

You have probably lived with your parents , brothers and sisters for a longtime. Biologically setup to love each other and you love them too. Yet you have had fights with them, disagreements, disappointments from them.

You have also done your fair share of disappointing them.

Then you meet someone for a few months and at the first instance of disagreement you feel like letting it all go, because your idea of love is consistent agreement.

Where are you going to find a person you will not have conflicts with or whose habits you are all in love with?

Wake up!

If man were that perfect, your partner would be God and you too would be God. You are both not infallible and your inadequacies are for God to fill. Give God his rightful place in your lives .

It’s actually awesome that your munhu will lack something… be it patience, may they have a temper. Perhaps they do not always dress that well, they are forgetful… Well because it reminds you that God is patient, slow to temper and remembers.

Moreover the more you buffer their mistakes with your strengths, the more valuable you will be to their lives.

Work on improving each other but know that the rest of it will be fulfilled by the creator.

Flaws Test How DeepmYou Mean “I LOVE YOU”

“To whom much given much is tested.”

Time and again in life you get tested on the things you claim to love or stand with. If you falter at the slight sight of resistence then you do not stand for those things.

The test for causes you stand for in life or people you love will never be tested by the positive they do. After-all, don’t all other people appreciate them for the good they reflect?

The real trials come on the flaws and the weaknesses they exhibit. Now not everyone who is initially in it for the good has enough courage and patience to stand for the bad.

Yet that is the only true test of the claim that one supports such and such a cause, is a fan of such and such a figure or loves such and such a person.

Loyalty to the pros and cons of what you claim you’d die for. That’s what “die for” means.

If you have been telling your partner the words. “I love you.” and flee at the sight of their flaws then you’ve really failed at that test.

Remember even people who do not know your partner in depth may love him/her for the very strengths you love about him, but very few of those people will accept that person if they knew the flaws about that character. Thus the test of your commitment is not in your adoration of the strengths it’s your tolerance of the weakness in them.

Much blessings.

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