Why We Are Not Used To Waiting

By the time I was in grade six, HIV and AIDS were a big topic of the mainstream and anti-retroviral drugs were still yet to be developed. A lot of people still had no understanding of HIV/AIDS and what it meant, but the evangel taught in Schools was … wait for the word..

Dozens of advertisments were sponsored by civic groups and the Ministry of Health to promote abstinence versus promoting use of condoms. In fact some of the young mentors sent to facilitate sex education in schools said things that would scare us about sex. They discredited condoms as not being hundred percent effective and made the analogy of a fence.

“If I pour a bucket of hot water onto you from the other side of the fence you will burn.” – One teacher said.

We were sixth graders and we were smart, he did not realize by lying on simple logic he lost authority in our minds.

Anyway that’s still not my point, I went this deep in the article to teach you waiting.

Not only for sex, but for projects to mature, ideas to have substance and general decisions.

Things seem to happen faster in the 21st century I guess so we lost our culture of waiting.

My Mother used to wait for 4 days to get a reply for a letter she sent my father. Nowadays if I “bluetick” a girl for 30minutes while I’m working, by the time I get to Facebook the relationship status would have changed. Well of course our fathers spent a year to six months convincing our mums for a first date but nowadays if you spend over 3weeks trying to tell a girl about your interests you may end up in the “friendzone” by then.

We do not have that patience to wait as a generation because everything is instant now.

Instant I.D
Instant Messengers
Instant Photographs
Instant Pudding
Instant Maheu
Instant dentures

Shall I go on, or you get the gist?

How is it that everything became instant and we expected humanity to stay the same? The generation we are in lacks patience and sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it has led to disaster.

There are aspects of life that are not to be rushed into before full wisdom and information such as relationships, careers and marriages.

I have seen to many good sisters rush into relationships and ending up with babies of fathers who didn’t want them. Usually when you investigate you realize that conception was when the two had only just met. No I am not here to condemn either here but I am highlighting a general observation.

Likewise I have seen young men rush into “opportunities” that ended them behind bars. That rush to be great can have a young man end up in illegal business knowingly or unknowingly. I have seen some friends almost lose lives through “business”.

Why? – Impatience

None of us want to wait 5years to drive or wear expensive watches. We want to get rich and we want it now.

Afterall this is the age of broadband and windows installs fast. After-all we have come to believe that, “If you don’t sleep with her, someone else will”…

I read a shona statement on Facebook which said, “Iwe wakamirira kuti ma Mango aibve, pane varikumadya ne salt ari mambishi” (While you are waiting for the mangoes to ripen, some are already eating them raw with salt)

That metaphor is simply encouraging young men to pressure girls for sex and not abstain. It is saying, while you abstain and save her, she may already have been devoured.

Humourous I must admit especially in the shona sense but sad at the same time because when technology became instant, so did decadence.

Even the Church has hopped onto the impatience wave by selling soaps and towels to girls and boys. Telling them they can accumulate wealth or find soulmates through these in weeks.

Strange things are happening and religion and spirituality are not really subjects I know the mechanics of but even the canal mind can discern that something is not right.

I am not at all discrediting the Holy Spirit or devine healing but there are mentalists, hypnotists and magicians amonst the people of God. Be vigilant

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