Why Vhedza’s “Chosen Prophecy” Is A Classic

Africa holds the soul of hip-hop culture. Hip-hop may have broken out from the Bronx in the 70’s but even it’s pioneers do not deny it’s African roots. Vhedza is one man who has done quite well as far as spreading Zimbabwean Hip-hop across the globe. Based in South Africa and doing his thing he brought us Chosen Prophecy – Return From Sinai this year whose theme screams the words classic.

“Thematically, the album is built around the concept of spiritual resurgence and consciousness. Hence the album subtitle refers to Return from Sinai.” – Vhedza


The album is more a sequel to Trained 2 Reign which dropped in September 2013 with songs like Hermlock Hearted and Dearly Departed. My personal favourites. The introductory interlude “Martial Law” is an appetizer into a classic masterpiece. It symbolizes that Vhedza has gained mastery in this craft and the artwork of a god-like being and a smaller being holding a sword to him may symbolize the same.

“All in all, the album is simply an honest reflection of the internal battles within Vhedza’s psyche and the expression of this internal strife through a versatile sonic backdrop that captures both the scale and sincerity of the subject matter.” – Vhedza

Sometime last year Vhedza dropped his first promotional single to the new album titled Ressurected which was free on his reverbnation for a limited time. The title is consistent with spirituality though he was also talking about his presence in Hip-hop. Later Come Into Our Life was the song of the moment, for those who like braggadocio rap or talking about the good life rather.

Funny Company addresses the state of Hip-hop, particularly in Zimbabwe but the message pretty much applies to the rest of the globe. It brings a conscious balance together with songs like Mwari Ngarumbidzwe which gives reverence to God. This also manages to establish his take on Spirituality and religion which is also expressed in Trained To Reign. I reviewed this song some time ago in depth.

The song “My Function” gives us his lyrical side with Kwaito samples from TKZee’s classic hit  “Dlala Mapanstula”. Classic’s are sampled on classics.

“Sonically, the album is meant to be a demonstration of our broad cultural exposure as cosmopolitan Africans who are part of the global village today.”- Vhedza

I am also happy that Vhedza managed to address the Xenophobia situation in the song My Brother. Well let’s drink and make merry with this catalogue on play.

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