Why Tongogara Pre-Order Was A Genius Plan

We are living in the digital age where your exceptional effort can be converted in a pdf, mp4 or mp3 file and go for free online. Some call it the free-conomy, but it has the whole music industry running around to look for solutions at a global scale.


In the western world streaming services have come to the rescue  but where I’m from the connection may sometimes take ages to poke a Facebook friend.


Until Zimbabwe is digitized, i-tunes and spotify may not be the best idea if you want your Zimbabwean fans to listen. Years ago Olova Music created an app but I doubt many people consume music via it.


The solution…


KYN Records decided to go to Star FM in early February so that Jnr Brown could kick a track called Tongogara which fans naturally expected to have a free mp3 link the next day. See, prior to this they had managed to raise our attention to Jnr Brown who had been quiet for a long time by freely dropping “We Run It”, a war like track which received mixed emotions from the crowd.


It was perceived to be a diss to Cal_Vin and Noble Stylz and since got replied by Jungle Kid and Cal_Vin. The attention on Jnr Brown’s return has been established.


This week instead of a free link, Begotten Sun (Kudakwashe Musasiwa), Alex 2.1 (@Zezururockstar) and Atenno (Innocent Tafangepasi) went online to advertise a pre-order which is reportedly floating above 3000 orders. This is information from the label and though unverifiable, even lizards under a rock will tell you Jnr Brown is trending. After digitization there will be more Wi-Fi under rocks.


How does this work?


Look if Jnr Brown had tried to sell his new single and Whatsapp it immediately, then the first buyer would forward it to groups and they would miss a number of sales.


A pre-order allows them to sale the mp3 before anyone gets a hold of it and unless somebody leaks it they will make a lot from it because what we sell in music is not really the CD or the MP3. It is the experience.


The Freemium Model


Dropping We Run It for free and the Star FM freestyle was meant to make the staunche fans hunger for me and confirm Jnr Brown’s competence was still intact.


Free-mium is made up of two words, Free and Premium.


So after the free stuff the premium value is the song we are waiting for on the 12th of February. It will be sent at one go to all who requested it and twitter will roar again.


I’m not sure who to credit for thinking this but I’ll say Jnr Brown and his team have been working hard.



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