Why RPeels Kudenga Kure Is Promising To Be Fire

Year after year, he has dropped many projects since “Forgive My Honesty”, “Zviri Ever Beautiful” and now we are awaiting “Kudenga Kure” which we know will be fire like the the other projects. Note that R.Peels has also dropped some EP’s and a few in between and inevitably you will not be able to ignore him in the conversation.

I just listened to the just released song “Mweya” which features two living legends, Tehn Diamond and Munetsi. The trio did a brilliant job and played to each one of their strengths. They were not playing games. It is so hard for me to even pick who did it for me because with each verse I would be astonished by either the knowledge, cadence or wordplay.

That’s the type of dilemma you get when a collaboration has people of different strengths.

I finally had to choose Munetsi and it’s not because he murdered everyone. It’s deeper than that. He just happened to touch on subjects I’ve been studying too like the issue on angels having children with man and the growing problem of sin.

Now this does not mean that I did not hear what everyone else was saying. Remember this was not a battle rap track so all verses were important and had something one can ponder on like, “Man, I ain’t never seen it from Peel’s perspective ” or “Whoa… I didn’t know Tehn was on thispath too.”

That’s what makes it amazing.

Let’s also not pretend that R.Peels didn’t just go toe to toe with one of the most dangerous emcees. No it wasn’t a battle, but in this generation where it seems like there is war between the new and old school. It’s brilliant to see R.Peels , Munetsi and Tehn Diamond work together as equals.

It’s not nice to wake up and see the old throwing shade at the new or the new at the old.

MGK and Eminem could learn a lot from this. Other than that we are waiting to buy the album. Kudenga Kure in the mean time go out and show love for R.Peels. Our artists need our support.


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