Why I Have Been Sleeping On The Floor

I have been sleeping on the floor since Monday. I assure you, sleeping on the floor is a no-no, the risk backaches and an uncomfortable sleep just makes it not worth it. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to change my posture just so that each side can get a fair share of the pain.

What happened to my bed?

Did I recently fail to pay a debt and lose my bed to a money lender?

Nooo! I have been sleeping on the floor right next to my bed, so that I could achieve some personal goals. Sounds crazy?

It probably sounds crazy because I am crazy about my goals. I need a method to remind myself of my goals and sleeping on the floor right beside my bed is me literary getting out of my comfort zone. There is a lot of psychology at play here.


Each time I wake u-p feeling uncomfortable at 3 am and toss and turn to find my posture. I ask myself why I am doing this and I remember it. I set some goals a week ago and I will not go back to my bed until they are met, simple. If I don’t like waking up on the floor I must get up and do something about those goals.

It’s like a form of self monitoring. Self discipline if you will. The same can apply to someone who wants to study, write a Novel, remember to follow up on job applications, write for a mix-tape and so forth.


Sometimes the goals we set involve activities whose results may be very distant and not apparent so it’s quite easy to ignore the set goals. However in this case, what I am saying is, if I won’t do take action for the real benefit of the goals I set. I must at least do it to get a comfortable sleep.

For instance you may be saving for a $2000 investment at $200 over 10 months. However since 10 months may seem far, it’s easy to actually end up spending the $200. After-all it’s quite easy to come up with an “urgent” reason why you need it.

When you tie this goal however to an immediate uncomfortable situation, which may not even be sleeping on the floor you will most probably work on it.

E.g if you tell yourself that you will punish yourself by eating 3-chilli’s and walking to work for a week for each time you do not save the $200. You are more likely to start working on the goal initially to avoid the immediate taste of chilli.

As you get used to saving you wont need these controls because you would have adjusted and formed habits.


I have made my goals measurable so that I know when I am done and be therefore able to get back to my comfort zone which is represented by my bed.

To hold myself accountable to this I have told my friends, family and my girlfriend. I also am accountable to myself and though I have not told you yet what it is I have been working on in this post. I am making more progress than before I started enforcing this upon myself.

All we require as human beings sometimes is self discipline. If you can be self disciplined with no self imposed controls then this format obviously will not work for you.

I urge anyone who wants to follow a similar routine to do so and feel free to let me know if it works for them.

I normally would link you to my social media accounts at this point but the thing is, Facebook and Twitter are also part of the things I have given up for later in order to accomplish a few personal things.

Anyway in case you do read this after I am done with the social media sabbatical follow @Mcpotar on twitter if you can find him.

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