Why I Hate Awww Sorry

I hate the word “SORRY” unless I am being apologized to.
What I mean is I accept the word if you do me wrong and apologize.
I hate the word if it is used for sympathy.
Like I recently noticed how I was agitated when people would say, “Awww, sorry.” when I mentioned being robbed.
I would emphasize how I am okay. I understand people can only be inclined to say sorry, so I thank them.
Perhaps, “How are you feeling?” is a better follow up for me. It still shows concern but allows me to confirm if I am okay without being exactly a VICTIM.
Oh yes, my family, friends and girlfriend will tell you I hate being framed a victim.
(Unless money is being donated to victims)
Note I emphasized that SORRY is welcome when you are apologetic. I also take cash.

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