Why I Am Fasting Facebook For A Fortnight

It is a public secret that I love Facebook, perhaps it is the beautiful faces I scroll through in “People You May Know” – They are always women, Facebook acknowledges my straightness.  Maybe it is the likes, shares, comments and feedback. The attention.

I once posted that if I were off Facebook for beyond 48 hours, people would have to report me missing or declare me broke. Here I am, neither missing nor broke. I have not deactivated my account but I have honestly not logged in since an impulsive video announcement on Saturday 21 May , 2016.

The question that has frequently visited my inbox is why.

1. To strengthen my will power – If I can certainly put off something I enjoy as much as Facebook without even peeping for notifications for a fortnight, then I can certainly tell my mind to accomplish other challenges required in building my character. It was hard at first but I have started to regain control over my own mind. See Facebook addiction is real… not necessarily bad. Trust me I see nothing wrong with it but it is real.

2. To remove clutter in your news-feed – Let’s admit when I clutter your news-feed sometimes it becomes too redundant, I tend to deal with one issue over multiple posts till I jump to the next.  I think people deserve a break from my frequent updates. I have already made more posts than most people will make in a year. Not that I am guilty of it, I just owe you some leave days.

3. To see what my mind will begin to focus on – In the first few days I kind of could not figure out where else to convey my thoughts but recently I have started to enjoy article writing again. They say to break a habit, you must make a habit. – Perhaps this works in the best interests of those artistes who are requesting articles daily. – I feel sorry for those who missed the video however and have been posting to my Facebook inbox.

4. It sounds right – The alliteration in Fasting Facebook For a Fortnight feels poetic and right. Style over substance.

So there you have it the four main reason I am fasting Facebook for a fortnight. I will be back on the social network soon.

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