Why Dark Days Create The Strongest Artistes

Tragedy To Triumph 101download (1) There are many artistes out there in the middle of problems they can never share on social media or tell. Usually some of these artistes will unplug themselves from Whatsapp and Facebook for several weeks to solve them. Nobody can ever know because we live in a busy self centred culture of life where everything in the end is about our bottom line.

However today I decided to take time out to assure these people that they can totally be amazing after all the adversity because I believe that the adversity is a set up to be great.  When the world seems to fight you from all corners it’s probably a sign that you have a greater purpose and though you may point accusing fingers at God. I think the adversity also comes along with something special.


How come 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson : Famous American Rapper) keeps going and taking risks after the incidents in his life. His mother was killed, he was shot nine times and many men put money on his head?

I believe that very adversity caused him to never fear risk. If the whole world has once rejected you can you be worried about your pitch to Coca-Cola being turned down?

The first rule is to change how you perceive “problems”. So from this point onwards in the articles we will frame them as challenges. Challenges is a word that has hope because it show that there is an opportunity to fight the adversity.

A person who is used to getting a YES in life will usually bask in the rays of his comfort zone because he is too afraid to get his first NO in life. If that person gets a no they take it the hardest, so these people play it safe.

The girls that were banished by the community for having kids out of wedlock are sometimes the most successful female entrepreneurs whilst the ones that remained in a certain comfort zone that pleased society are probably submissive to some man under what they thought would be a happy marriage. Even when that man cheats or is abusive they may find it hard to get out of it. Note that I am not saying married women are all not happy, I am also not saying all out-cast girls are successful. The point I am putting across is that the one who has faced more problems has no more reason to sleep in a comfort zone.

Comfort zones barely bring any growth because they do not provoke the part of the brain that solves challenges. The less we use our mind power to solve problems in reality the more that muscle is weak. A person like 50 Cent had much time pondering how to get out of situations so much that when he finally got a chance in the legal hustle he didn’t sweat over risk. Some of the risks are the reason he has an estimated net worth of USD$270 Million. I swear there is a man his age who probably grew up in the Suburbs (with White privileges) but is struggling to foot his mortgage in America today.

After the 9-Shots, 50 Cent realized he could take on life and create greatness. He had nothing to fear for what could be worse than death? Being declined by record labels could never equalize that pain.

So I believe that all the creatives out there that go through a rough patch have enough material to create art from the soul and from their true selves. Metaphorically they have been naked and so they have no trouble undressing themselves in art. You find that in Eminem lyrics, Jay Z or immortal Technique.

I also believe even those models in Zimbabwe that have had their images reaped apart through the leaking of their nudes, sex-tapes or any humiliating thing no longer fear losing an image. It is really up to them to rise and be conquerors. They can start anything and even if it fails at first they are not afraid of your mockery anymore they will work on. Any other artistes going through a rough time should also not despair.

God is with you; stay focused and let’s go out there and take on Earth.

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