Why Blogging Zimhiphop Is Frustrating Me

A few weeks ago I got a screenshot of a disrespectful post made by an artiste who calls himself Boneman. He accused me and other independent bloggers of ignoring his music which he believed to be the best.

This is not the first time an artiste has accused me of “sleeping” on their songs. All of the artistes I have encountered have never sent me a press release neither do they know what it is. They assume that tweeting a link and tagging PushZW, Havoknation and Marianne Mhlanga entitles you to a blogpost. Yet we know that even Econet does not expect the media to stumble on new innovations. They send a document known as a press release and it is sent weeks before the actual release date of a product.

I do not apologize to anyone who feels slept on as this really is an independent blog named after me. This means this is just as good as Tehn Diamond’s site except that my blog likes promoting fellow artistes of its choice and those that are patient with my time schedule.

I work as a Dental Therapist in Karoi where there is no ADSL for home internet. I spend $4 a day to work on this website in the internet cafe I use. I am not always online contrary to popular belief and I also have personal problems to deal with. Newspapers and radio are highly staffed compared to my blog but even they have not covered everyone. I have exceeded 200 promotional articles for Zim Hiphop and poetry in Zimbabwe. May someone tell me what Boneman has done for anyone in Hiphop other than killing the quality of lyricism and putting the brand to disrepute.

If anyone has a problem with the way I do anything they should seek to understand my circumstances first before calling me out on their content barren walls. Make great music, send press releases and expect them to be published or not. Even I have sent music to AHHB and 3-mob that was not chosen but it doesnt make them bad.

Young guys you must understand who you call out online in bad light. Let that be known. Mr Bone Men… Feel free to email press releases in future before calling me out on Facebook you don’t want it with me.

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