#WonderGurlWednesdays – Why Blacperl Is Bae-Zvekuti

Blacperl is an award winning female Hip-hop artist who’s craft becomes bigger and better and badder everyday. She has done a lot of work with Noble Stylz who needs no introduction on this blog as well. Last year the duo showed off mad skills and dope chemistry in Masofa Panze 3.

It was like , “Watch Dethrone” because I saw Kings and Queens lose their seats but that’s not all.

My first ever #WGW (WonderGurlWednesday) is definitely the Masofa Panze Queen, Blacperl. Mainly because, she’s an independent mind, mainly because she has a beautiful face and smokey eyes, mainly because she posted a message on her wall to her future bae (and maybe this is my campaign strategy), mainly because she has a rocking sing-le (sing-lay) titled Bho Zvekuti, which got my own lyrics to text me like, “Hey Mike, you need to be more serious about me. Did you see what Blacperl does for her bars dude?”

Lately she has given us the offering Bho Zvekuti where she flaunts her switch up delivery, syllable and wordplay and manages to still give a message in between braggadocio raps. In this song she talks about her endorsements, which we are yet to get full details on when the time is ripe. She also takes a ruthless jab at girls who go for sugar Daddy’s (now known as “blessers”) by asserting that her only blesser is Jesus Christ.

It was a witty choice of title given that, Bho Zvekuti is a popular street term in Harare at the moment. She was able to get into the masses and walk among them bare-footedly. Leaving foot-prints for our future daughters to follow as in the case of her line about keeping her morals and the motivational talk about signing deals.

I took to Facebook to mention that I would allow my daughter to listen to this woman (if I ever have a daughter).

Noble Stylz also revealed that she will be on some Billboards and has landed herself 2 acting roles. I said Wow! Congratulations.


I mean, why else would she be our #WGW after all? Yes she is beautiful, she is too die for but many girls are that too. That alone doesn’t put anyone on that spot does it? Her coronation to Wondergurl status, is the ability to be attractive on a jaw-dropper level and still generate genius decisions like a G.

She is not only Bho Zvekuti, she is “Bae-Zvekuti” to the hearts of many a listener in Zimbabwe!!!

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Download Bho Zvekuti Below

Blacperl Bho Zvekuti

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