Why Artistes Shouldn’t Bribe Radio DJ’s – What They Should Do Instead

Look, you’ve been unknown for too long and by your standards your music is dope and you finally link up with some radio guy who can put you on blast. I mean radio is being transmitted to thousands if not millions of listeners across the country and this disc jockey will play your songs if you put some money in the cd sleeve.

Many artistes are suspected of bribery and nepotism. Noble Stylz called out Rehab in 2013 for nepotism with school of hip-hop and even Gospel artistes have been accused of such. The truth about this is unverifiable. I mean there are a lot of labels that quickly make it to the charts as if they were destined to stay on rotation. It seems to work for them.

Once people know you at radio level and you inflict them with improper-ganda they are gonna end up nodding to your song and you will cash in at shows. Does that sound like a great deal?



But okay picture this. You’re killing the same industry you complain about. If airplay is not fairplay then the soul of the music will die. Only your message is played but we are trying to build the collective pie for everyone to eat.

You are creating an addiction in the DJ’s to always expect money in order to play music. The DJ’s already get salaries… As far as I know the radio should pay you to play you and not the other way round.  What is happening is similar to a time when girls will pay boys to marry them (in our African culture that is, I hear it already happens elsewhere).

The reality is if you always get into place and positions through corruption you will never get the positions for less.

What Should I Do Mcpotar?

Tell you what. If you do well, people will inevitably notice. That’s why Facebook didn’t spend much on advertising their website. It was self viral. You should create as product that appeals to the masses and it will travel so much underground that the big people will begin to notice.

At that point they are the ones who will be ringing your phone and asking for interviews. Also note that music success is not only marked by radio presence. Radio is a good widespread medium but in this day and age there are more ways to reach your audience than just radio.

  • Set goals and do your things like number one. (Artwork, Production, Lyricism)
  • Use all exposure portals available.
  • Build meaningful relationships with people in media, don’t badmouth anyone to anyone (you’ll never know if they close)
  • Learn as much as you can

I believe if we are going to build an industry it will be based on real accolades.

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