Who REALLY Got Shot At In Jnr Brown’s – We Run It

The new offering by Mariaa hitmaker Jnr Brown got people heated up on twitter for the first half of the day. It was premiered through The Fixx last night and I woke up to tweets about it before i even heard it, by the time I heard it i had already read the bars on Dodgers wall.

Now I’m not going to review the contents of  the song today because that’s a tad boring to do for a blogger who is about to go on leave. You know it’s hard to go on actual leave in blogging… Jnr Brown drops something like this and you wake up and realize you have to do this work. This is too relevant.

Jnr Brown We Run ItAnyway, word on the street is he took shots at Cal_Vin. Well maybe he did that, Begotten Sun denied this in an earlier discussion, claiming that Jnr Brown had gone for in-house guys in his own circle however the “new niggers” tag continually mentioned isn’t as convincing. Know any new niggers in Jnr Brown’s circle? Nope…

However what was more interesting to me was the Masvingo line. now i know a couple of Masvingo rappers but the most prominent one is Noble Stylz. Noble Stylz also happens to call himself the King of Vernac and could be also befitting to the “new niggers” tag. I’ve never suspected any rivalry between the two but you’ll never know what happens outside of the booth. Plus this is hip-hop where an old name drop may be replied in a later year.

I strongly think it’s Noble he meant. These are just my thoughts.

Well Tehn has done a bit of Vernac and is uptown, I’m sure there’s also a line for him in there. I don’t know their working relationship or whether he meant him. The line about Eglish rappers switching to vernac just made me think that.

Hey, no bloggers suspected shot at least. I love the song it’s beautiful music, the sinister laugh in the middle of the first verse.

“Begotten Sun, yagi did some. Magic. Sylent on guitars, and drums programed by a kid called Beast.” -Begotten sun said when i asked about production. I’m sure you may already have this but if you don’t here it is.

I honestly hope Cal_Vin and noble reply with fire., not because any of the 3 will benefit but because I need controversial stories on my blog.  Follow @Mcpotar on twitter.


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