Mcpotar is the freaking guy not to mess with because he is the shizniz. If you are looking for someone to tamper with or fuck with it better not be the Mcp, because the Mcp will freaking kill you. He is not up for games and stuff like that.

See Mcpotar has a track record of satirizing the people that try to mess with him. He doesn’t lay around when it comes to these issues because he has the abilities through his many talents to send a big message for all to see. Mcpotar can diss you in a record, he can write a piece about you or let alone animate you till you are very sorry about it. He has done that to Tasha Boy and Boneman before though they both reconciled. After a long while the humiliation was pretty great. I felt sorry for them but well they tried to mess around with Mcpotar .

Mcpotar is like th”who not to mess with” or “who not to fuck with” of Zim Hip-hop. He doesn’t play around when it comes to dealing with people. A funny guy called Dopeboy or Philip Banda found himself in a bad fix after attacking the rising infopreneur. philip Banda is in tears right now because he was depicted in boobs apologizing to Mcpotar and Spekktrumn. He is quite a bitch too.

I n brief I don’t really think anyone should be attackingthe potardent or any of his friends whom he protects very well.  Mcpotar doesn’t like people who disrespect his damn crew bro. Leave him alone, he is some crazy ass dude at the end of the day. It’s crazy though but that’s the way it has been in terms of messing around with these people, whilst trying to reach the word limit for google to at least crawl this page.