When You Create Good Music

When you create good music it will always go further than the online downloads that you count.because human beings will share it.

Now the human being cannot get a good joke, song or movie and keep it to themselves. This is how we are designed. We want to watch a movie with our partner. We want to pass a joke onto our friends. If we were selfish deep inside we’d simply laugh alone and never share it but no, someone has to hear it.

Some people share it to get “street credit” so that they are associated with getting good content. Some share it to buy social capital and therecore fulfil their social needs (which are 3rd on Maslow’s Hierrachy Of Needs). For some, your content represents their core values so by sharing it they are telling the world they agree.

Whichever level of sharing it is, it usually happens when you create compelling content which usually falls into any of these six categories.

Things like news are informative. They are not educative but they are telling you a certain fact or occurance. Music or any other piece of content can embrace tis form.

Inspirational and motivational content will forever be popular as it fulfils the esteem needs of a human being and also gives them a sense of security. It is no wonder why religion and spirituality are big on earth. Embed an inspirational message in a song and see it get shared.

This is the hardest to create but it is made out of simple things. Piggy backs on existing ideas to make catchy but witty appeal. Sometimes it may be just the tempo of the beat. Sometimes sex is used as bait. All I know is it connects humans together and usually promotes human discussion or interaction. Embed such a message and concept in your music and watch the sharecount.

Mostly comes in the form of social commentary. It tells a story which you can confirm to have seen before. Expresses an experience or an emotion. This type of music has ability to put an individual in a certain mood. Stays on repeat and is shared.

Unlike simple informative this one gives out knowledge in more depth but fulfils the human need to increase mental power. Every human being wants to increase psychological strength even those who claim to hate learning. You can give powerful educative messages and earn respect.

Everyone knows love and hate are remote controls. This is obviously powerful especially when coupled with relatable or entertaining content. Even while giving knowledge Immortal Technique can get you to feel the emotion of anger at corrupt governments. An informative piece can carry emotion too.

Choose your ingredient and make good music. Please visit and like my page by clicking here. Thank you

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