When Snoop Dogg Goes To Heaven

So Snoop Dogg makes it to Heaven. Yeah yeah I know what you thinking, “Gangsters don’t go to heaven”, blah blah blah plus you probably heard theories of him being a part of the so called “Illuminati”. Scratch that, in this story Snoop Dogg actually makes it to Hizzy for shizzy.

However one day Satan see’s our friend Snoop Doggy Dogg knock at Hell’s gates then he instructs the Pastor Bushiri to go and open up the gate for him and also ask what he wants since he made it to Heaven. Pastor Bushiri goes to the gate with the keys in hand and asks, “What do you want? i thought you made it to heaven and are living a pretty dope life.”

Snoop Dogg says, “Yes Heaven is great, I’m not getting in I just want you to do me a little flavour.”

Bushiri asks, “What sort of favour would you like?”

Snoop Dogg replies, “May you please light my blunt in the fire?”


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