When I Was High Part 2 : Broadcasts, School Of Hip-hop & Blocking McPotar

Now in case you didn’t get the gist in the last article. When I was high is an article series where I cross a few boundaries with no fear of victimization. Sometimes I simply make parodies or sometimes simple truths. Now that we have that out the way let’s begin. (the first one is here)

Of Artistes That Block Mcpotar

Now I certainly never notice that am blocked till somebody tags a bunch of people in a comment and the person that blocked me is in black while other names are clickable. It’s like when you lose a hair, it’s really hard to notice.  Usually I have no idea why I was blocked, except in a few occasions where I know I stretched my truth too far (Like I am going to be doing in this article). Like in the case of exposing a certain team’s Youtube view fraud…

Blocked by Stupid People

Blocking someone on Facebook is the equivalent of getting a restraining order from police, to say, “I don’t want this character in my radius.” Usually this is issued based on violence or something really big. Like when spouses fight and the guy is unleashing a reign of threats. In other words, you do not go to the police to get a restraining order because someone just beat you in a debate or highlighted your weaknesses.  So why block me for out-smarting you on Facebook, is my opinion as harsh as a slap?

Now you have to make a Facebook police report. I never understood the statement, the truth hurts before this. Didn’t realize, telling someone the truth was like kicking their unmentionables.

Victims of violence always get addicted to the abuse that’s why they still come to my wall for their daily dose of slaps through fake accounts. I do accept friend request from fake accounts because even in disguise, the bullet still shoots the target.

Then there is the group that will un-friend me for not blogging about them. Well if the only reason you requested me in the first place was to ask for reviews you may as well un-friend me too. I do not work for you really, neither do I owe anyone. Oh, I owe my Dad $63 from last month. I find some rappers I never fought with in my people you may know reel or better yet requesting me again.

Then there are those that come to my inbox to show me how someone else finally blogged about them (since they assume I ignored them). I then understand why I ignored them at first; they do not get the point. Those are the type of guys that will travel all the way from Gweru, to show someone who rejected them that they are finally dating some-one else. Like really? – Grow up.

School Of Hip-hop

So Mimy spoke of School of Hip-hop when it shut down but I hadn’t said much about the show via the blog. I had mixed feelings about the show personally but I really think it played a big role in marketing some artistes. There is no way it was ever going to cater for everyone. Any platform will always cater for some people… including this blog.

But that’s why we get unfriended perhaps and that’s why we don’t grow ultimately. The more the same cliques are given rotation over and over again, the more the same peeps get blogged it chokes the interest of those who don’t. The unfortunate part is radio stations; look at the shows public appeal. The show ran from 2012 but still had barely 5,000 likes. That was a bad indicator.

The difference with personal blogging is only I can fire myself but we can also confirm that there used to be a bigger blog than mine that went missing and if you find it notify your nearest police station. Once again the rest of the mob became disinterested in reading about the same people in the same boot-licking diction. Plus the articles became smaller, in blogging size matters.The fan-base of Zim hip-hop is still dominantly artistes themselves so one has to open arms wide to cater for many (not all) in order to win.

Another approach to avoid people getting disappointed by your show or blog is not to take submissions if you can’t handle them. Usually you’ll never handle them. Scout for music yourself and do not be obliged by anyone to give your selection criteria. You reduce the number of disappointments because no one likes the effort of uploading music at a cafe only to be snubbed. This is why Zaangoma is not asking for submissions by the way.  All other shows on radio do not ask for submissions either, they take music from Power FM library. The first mistake ever made then with SOHH, was making a gmail account the library.

See the reason why people were disappointed by the SORRY TRY AGAIN contest by Econet is, it made you expect something. We have always bought our dollar airtime without complaining because we didn’t expect added value.

Thousands of hopefuls including unserious beginners sent their material to a show that would only play a small fraction. Trust me anyone who can print CD’s properly and take them to Power FM is a serious artiste and is probably entry level good. That library would’ve been the best place to search. That would have made Yachi have less enemies and so forth. Nobody hates KVG for not playing their music because she doesn’t ask for submissions in the first place, her producer gets it from the library. – Dont ask for submissions, when you do you create expectations and expectations end in disappointment.

Artistes then pull their support from your initiative and you go back where you started.

Now I heard Mariachi has been advocating for as committee that will negotiate airplay. Good luck with that but where was he when we were ranting about it? He was on the inside. It’s like how the former Vice President is now seeing how corrupt the regime is, trying to mobilise people who have been on the outside to act. No, we will not be used. It was corrupt whilst you were inside and you said nothing, so keep your silence. – Let the corruption continue… each to his own.

In the mean time those who want to unfriend me, the unfriend button is under every status these days. I really do hope, School of Hiphop gets off the wheelchair and the dying blogs I implied in the article get a Lazarus type miracle. I am pro-the-movement definitely. – No love lost.

Broadcasts And Spam

There’s a dude who calls himself P Zygician Wiseman Makichi who is always posting in groups. I really don’t think Wiseman fits well as his middle name personally, because if it did he wouldn’t be on a spamming spree. I have since nick-named him Zygician Broadcasting Corporation.

Enough about him!

Whilst I was writing this article a certain female artiste just broadcasted a message thanking me for wishing her a happy-birthday. Well I have been thanked for downloading her music but birthday? I get lost for words. It’s usually the weak artistes that spam, Ive been dying to get broadcasts from Prayer Soul, Shingi Mangoma, Ammara, Karma and YoCa but it’s their fans that offer to Bluetooth.

Back to this spamming queen, her message read:

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes… Today was filled with laughter, love and blessings.

What else can you say after receiving such a message other than,

You’re welcome!

NB: I deserve to be forgiven for anything taken sideways in this piece because I was under the influence of caffeine.

PS: Don’t forget to come through to the Zaangoma Party, 26 June, Travel Plaza Rooftop. 6pm till late…. $5 entrance. For more information whatsapp me on +263774448619


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