When I Was High – Part 1 : What They Don’t Tell You About Changamire

Before you read this post, you might want to follow this link to check out Changamire video. Otherwise it wont make sense to you. Alternatively you can watch it in the embed below. I f you have watched DKR’s Changamire you may begin reading the article from below the video.

So there’s this fresh damsel who was once a tenant at the same house I rent. Believe it or not, her name is Moments and she had her moments. She’s fast approaching her chirorwa years, more talkative than me and really friendly. Well maybe a bit too friendly to men.

See there was always a car parked under the tree outside our gate and all those guys were her buddies (who also bought her Buddie Airtime). No female companions ever stopped over though, just bald-headed dudes. They’d be in the house for a moment with her, then in the car for a few more. Now you know older folk don’t understand how a guy and a girl can possibly be just friends. There was nothing like that in their time. My land-lord thought she had too many boyfriends. The land-lady didn’t want her little daughter emulating such decadent behaviour (if that’s the word). So she decided to evict the young-adult, I found her furniture outside.

I thought to myself, “Eish Masofa Panze, now they’ Chasing Moments.” *sips tea*

Masofa Panze after Chasing Moments away.
Masofa Panze after Chasing Moments away.

Lol… No for real though. I think in terms of hip-hop a lot. Masofa Panze and Chasing Moments were two great Hip-hop projects released in the same period. Both those underground records are popular on most hip-hop playlists along with Synik’s Syn-City. Synik is a dope artiste, I knew him when he was rising, begged him for a feature on an old song with Navy Seal. Underground heads barely make videos that compete. Begotten Sun, whom I prefer to call Pastor Kuda in this article, managed to resurrect that talent from the underground in 2012; three awards out of 4 nominations at Zim Hip-hop Awards. Then for 2014 I think DKR, which he is a part of, *done took this underground hustle to a whole ‘nother level.* – Katt Williams Voice

I watched the NAMA Award winning Changamire video by DKR at Begotten Sun’s Mt. Olympus before it was out, spectacular visuals. I thought that whole mudzimu in the Church scene was creepy and rather contemptuous however. There was a kid covered in white dust, sitting in the Church and our man of God, Pastor Kuda Musasiwa entered the church to see the little boy waiting for him on a church bench. He is in this video actually acting out a Pastor (you can watch it here if you haven’t).

I bet Pastor Kuda in his mind thought, “Snap! That kid again has come to confess that he’s been wasting the family’s mealie-meal all over his body. Kids these days! These are hard economic times for parents.”

He was fed-up of it; that’s why he slammed the door and returned to African traditional roots. He was welcomed by a drink up. The good part is you can make your own African traditional religion rules. There is no Bible or Qur’an to verify if it’s true. The kids won’t splash mealie meal all over their heads if you tell them it’s a something bad will happen, the scripture is always Vakuru Vakataura verse 1. African omens threaten instant justice from God, whilst Christianity seems-to suggest that if you give your confession and heart to Christ before the last day you can evade the sentence. African omens on the contrary threaten that if you peep through the key-hole whilst the maid is bathing a bright light will blind you instantly; you do not wait for hell.

That explains why the kid kept splashing roller-meal all over his body and repenting. It also rationalizes Kuda’s change of mind in the theme of the video. He was tired of born-agains trotting back to porn-again to get “born again” again.

Pastor Kuda  Slamming The Door On The Mealie-Meal Kid
Pastor Kuda Slamming The Door On The Mealie-Meal Kid

Now if you observe the video transitions, that powdered boy Church scene is actually a flash-back. At the beginning of the video, we see Pastor Kuda and his hommies knocked-out in a forest after the drink up. They are all flat on the ground and Shingi Mangoma tries to be the last person standing but she’s quarter past drunk. Probably, Kuda decided to get a few drinks with Tanganyika after the Church incident. Plus we all know Pastor was struggling to stay sober in those days. Tanganyika had also seen the same kid, earlier in the car. This kid needed to do his confessionals so bad he was stalking the Pastor.

The team Knocked The Hell Out
The team Knocked The Hell Out

So Tanganyika, since he had been over-seas for a while missed the taste of African brew. They had it all up in the clay-pots but Shingi Mangoma brought the Harrier they mixed it with. That’s what caused the K.O. She took the whole Harrier-Madzisawira Nhaka Yedu tag-line wrong. Kuda’s daughter came and woke him up, since he’d been flat on the ground with his hommies for about 30 minutes and that’s when he had the flash-back.- Understood?

Later in the same video I saw one of the brothers from the drink up breaking right out of the earth and I was like, “Now that dude been underground!”

You know you’ve been underground, when you’re part of a conscious hip-hop video where you have to actually be covered in rocks and red African soil. That brother can reinstate Pimp C’s role in UGK. Well it’s hard to get a hold of Bun B, he’ll still do cool with Sun-B.

I’m uncertain where this scene was enacted. It really played out well for the concept though. Just imagine for a while if you were out there wherever it is, walking. Maybe you are Mcpotar. I am not a superstitious guy; I’m always trying to find logic in stuff. See I don’t believe in all those Zimbabwean conspiracy theories, Afro-illuminati, blue-tooth rapes and stories about frogs that get breast-fed by state university girls that like tings. My work-mates know this. We no longer have those debates.

You can’t convince me that someone can fly in a reed basket even if she were Aladdin’s side-chick. In fact that Budiriro crash-landing incident was later found to be fabricated. A local Pastor had orchestrated the event with Gokwe hookers, just to fulfil a prophecy he had made. (the proof is here)

Now imagine that DKR went to the forest and found an empty space where they could rehearse that scene before calling the camera crew for the shoot. Just to perfect the presentation and avoid retakes. So, I’m walking down that bush, whistling in my “prove everything by science” logic. Then as I stop to answer natures call, I spot a dude resurrecting from the ground with grown men watching from up-close, clad in Munhumutapa type apparel and sprinkling water from a clay pot in n’anga fashion. I would not waste a second.- *Arms Up, Feet Pedalling, Eyes Rolling, Screaming Mhaiii like Tocky*

Underground Artiste Rising From The dead?
Underground Artiste Rising From The dead?

One can only hope I will be able to put Sean Tall back in my jeans before I reach the main-road. Other-wise people will think I had paid for a quickie and the forest was my base before a snake snuck up on me. Fam, I will hop onto the first transport that stops and preach the new conspiracy theory as an eye-witness and new believer.

The conspiracy theory would be: Pastor Kuda gets his powers by appointing a renowned fetish n’anga from U.K (Tanganyika) to sprinkle anointing oil on the earth and resurrect underground artistes.

Now talking about theories, there is one in criminology that suggests; if you commit a crime you’ll always go back to the place you committed it to observe what later happened. The police know about this; first time offenders re-visit their crime scene. Now, take my imaginary incident out of the picture and visualize how the same scene would feel for a truck-driver who decided to return to that spot after accidentally killing a pedestrian the previous night and burying him around that place.

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