What We Love & Hate About Blogging : Spekktrumn & Mcpotar

(Spekktrumn walks into Mcpotar’s office and Mcpotar immediately, turns and points at the laptop screen.)

Mcpotar: Reading all these thank you posts by people on Facebook for 2015. It’s crazy, but how was your 2015 for Blogging?

(Spekktrumn takes a seat… grabs a small pencil and bites it.)

Spekktrumn: 2015, hmmmm where do I start? This was my first year as a free man post schooling (BTech Computer Science chii chii) and what a year it was. …and we’re still waiting for The Perfection (Perfect Tehn) and the Morning Glory (Breezy where you at?). The awards came and a certain blogger got swerved like a bottomless pothole… *inset moment of silence*. Some went home with well-deserved awards and others well… well… you get my point.

(Mcpotar stands up and opens a bottle of Mazoe from a cup board, then goes to a little fridge at the corner of his office and whilst he holds the door.)

Mcpotar: Hahaha, yeah it was a crazy year fam. Too bad none of us got that award but on the other hand I enjoyed most of the projects, especially T1 Wema1’s album.

(He opens the fridge and takes a water container out, slams the fridge door)

For me that was some of the most organized stuff out. Blogging however seems to be the best way to make enemies in the hip-hop industry. I miss being just a rap artiste though. Back in the day I was on the other hand ranting at radio, ranting at award shows and to other blogs.

(Mcpotar puts the Mazoe,  water and two glasses on the table)

Spekktrumn: Blogging is cruel fam, beyond words. It turns you into a grouch, I know Cashbid is somewhere reading this with a stupid grin on his face, but yeah. EVERYONE refers to you as fam and you get randomly added to groups you’d rather not be in *exits Music Swag Oans & Yabbies Group*. I used to watch Simon Cowell and think, “Look at that self-entitled prick that thinks that he’s better than everyone else”, now I look at him and relate to his struggle. Yes, not everyone who thinks they have talent actually has it. For some unknown reason everyone seems to have your number *sigh* and utilize it MORE than you’d wish they would.

(Mcpotar makes two glasses of Mazoe)

Mcpotar: As a rule of thumb I exit any group I’m added to immediately. People should learn to ask for permission bro, the game does however have it’s positives like networking and discovering exceptional talent.

(He slides one glass to Spekktrumn, and they both take sips)

I have met a number of talented individuals through this. In the past few weeks was also excited to meet a freestyle king known as Terry Shan. If I weren’t blogging never would have met him. Ranters and haters will always be irrelevant as a fart in a storm, but I’ll forever appreciate the people that know what this is about. I wish people would learn to go the extra mile before blaming other people.


Spekktrumn: Few people want to go the extra mile, people would rather be in the “safe zone”, between those who are leading and those trying to keep up with the rest. Whether they’d have other people as human body shields beats me. 2016 will see more content from both of us (offline and online). As stubborn or relentless (pick your fancy) as we may be, we are going to make sure that when you refer to the 2 Ps in Zim HiP HoP, you think of us *pause* NOT in that sense. Have a great 2016 ladies and gentlemen.


Mcpotar: Let’s get em!!!

( They both raise their glasses to make a toast)



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