What Pastors are afraid to say about religion!

There has always been confusion and debate surrounding the difference between religion and spirituality. For the most part those who know what religion is may tell you that  it is confining and takes away many freedoms whilst  spirituality has a more liberating effect.

Ellen Alexa Mubbwanda an exceptional writer has decided to say her view on the ssue in the poem  The Religious Mind. Rread it below.

Poetry: The Religious Mind

The religious brain never gave me wings,
It stole my gifts and all creativity brings,
Spirituality is where it’s at,
The best possible way to nudge God as you can get,
To have a mind opened,
And a heart set,
On the things that truly bring peace,
And not a TV set,
I have a liking for all that glitters,
Those glistening earrings and convertible give me jitters.

The religious brain never gave me wings,
Taught me to trust in objects and not the maker of them,
Grab that cross, that oil, hold them high to assure God,
That you’re with Him and it’s okay to save you,
But wait isn’t it He who’s supposed to be with you?

That religious brain never gave me wings,
Must be because I was born with a vagina,
At 12 I thought it was cos ‘ I’m a minor,
But as I trudge along I’m pushed behind so many cocks,
Waiting ever so patiently for my ship to dock.

That religious brain never gave me wings,
Compelled me to love deeply and get along with all that think likewise,
And loathe the freethinkers and any who interrupt I should despise,
Oh, how my blood rushes at sight of their rude remarks!
I’ll pray to religion mentally that their asses he smites!

That religious brain never gave me wings,
I loosen my grip now because my father is dead,
He lost his grip and landed in a grave,
Way too early, religion, don’t you see?
We gave you everything and became whom you commanded we should be,
Oh, that’s right! You didn’t promise wings,
Just death, taxes and failed politics.

Ownership :Ellen Alexa Mubwanda

Visit her blog to read more of her writing on https://ellenwordpressdotcom.wordpress.com/

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