What It Takes To Get A Joke

Getting a joke is not really about “IQ”. It just depends on whether you have background knowledge of the subjects associated in the joke.  Therefore jokes sometimes make sense to only people who know certain information. There are certain things that are only funny to your friends, especially with one-liner jokes.
This is why sometimes when stand up comedians from America visit a place like South Africa for example, they give a brief explanation of the fundamental aspects of what they are about to joke about or they simply make their jokes fit into what South Africans can relate to. Definitely a joke about Kanye West selling torn clothes does not make sense to someone who doesn’t know that Kanye West is into fashion, let alone WHO KANYE WEST IS. – The same rule applies for Hip-hop punchlines
Let’s look at this One-liner
What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?
It gets toad away.
To get this joke:
1. You must know that a toad is a type of frog.
2. You must also know that a broken down car get toured away
Toad and toured sound the same (they are homonyms).
This information is not obvious to an individual in a location where
Thus when someone takes a long confused pause before making a fake laugh it doesn’t always mean they’re slow. Well sometimes it does of course.

In the case that they do not get the joke but are aware of the information used in the association then I guess it’s more  about their minds being unable to join the associations together. There are many ways in which jokes are written, but what usually makes people laugh is “surprise”.

Most jokes at first make a person assume that someone is talking about a certain thing then they make a sudden joke, which catches you off guard and you laugh.

So I guess what it takes to get a joke is knowing “general knowledge, current affairs, past events, common sayings and so forth. Just being in touch with life an people.
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