What if Rehab is Playing us?

While everyone is adding their opinion to the table about Schingy’s recent rants it may have got you thinking. Could this be staged? Did Xndr and his camp get in the lab to engineer buzz for Schingy?


Well Schingy has not been a trending topic for a while even after releasing a dope video early this year. It is quite evident that content doesn’t drive his presence from A to B but Controversy does.

That’s why at one time he used to publicly say he wanted Trae Yung and put up her profile pic for a while. Trae Yung reserved her comments from public so that gimmick was a fail for Schingy then he even tried doing a sexual porn song, videos in coffins and even coming to Zim Hiphop Awards 2014 with a coffin which I personally believe symbolises his dead career whether he sees it or not.

But now did Xndr engineer this to help this boy? Who between Xndr and Stunner leaked the chat? And hasn’t Schingy always said careless things even about Big Dollar Bruce, Tehn or other influencial individuals without instant justice from the label?

Or perhaps Schingy had a fall out with Xndr some weeks or days before. The chat between Xndr and Stunner shows that Xndr believes he built up the boy and the guy wouldn’t even be where he is without him.

Some insiders claim Schingy disrespected the producer 3 weeks prior but what if these insiders are depending on information planted by Rehab itself?

Staged or unstage this has really created a lot of buzz for the rapper. The web traffic to the first article on him was amazing and perhaps they didn’t stage this. All the same all parties involved can use the attention before Tezvara gets in the picture.

Tell me what you believe. Do you think this is staged? Hit me up on twitter @Mcpotar

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