What Girls Are Like On and Towards Valentines Day

Men, don’t you just love Valentine’s Day. I mean on the run up to Valentine’s day it’s a lot easier to finally walk out of that friend zone you’ve been in for the past 27 years or so. Valentines Day gives you an opportunity to be Nelson Mandela (R.I.P). *does Catholic trinity signs* No disrespect to the hero.

Girls basically behave differently on the run up to Valentines day and these behaviours differ depending on if they are in a relationship or not. Again if they are in a relationship it also depends on how much they expect to receive a gift or NOT.

Girls That Are NOT dating.

Well we all know most of them do care about the day especially the ones that emphasize how they do not care about the day. It’s like how rappers react to Zim Hiphop Awards when they are not nominees. They give all the logic about why the day doesnt matter.

They can even go on to the conspiracy theories and how they are not fascinated by fancy things. If you’re a dude who is dating you will probably look at them and wish your girlfriend had the same mind.

Somehow in a year they are in a relationship they have a change of mind unless they are in the next group I want to talk about…

Sidechicks WHO KNOW

There is a difference between a side chick who knows she is a side chick and one who thinks she is a main chick.

See I have 2 handsets because of frequent power cuts in Zimbabwe. My main phone is a smartphone (the one am using to type this) the other is an old Samsung GT something with SMS messaging, a torch and FM Radio. It’s a good alternative when the Smartphone is away. We call it in Zimbabwe “kambudzi”.

A side chick is like “kambudzi” and doesn’t expect too much on Valentines. You don’t need to juice all the time. She knows the main “juice” is first allocated to higher offices.

She doesn’t expect the guy to be there but well she may still want a Rose sent or a call.

I feel sorry for the one who discovers she is a sidechick on the day in question….

Sorry girl.

The Main Chick

This one, if her man is available believes he should do something. She may pretend not to really care but deep inside she cares especially if it’s her first Valentines day with the dude. She may be testing a lot of things about the guy.

His generocity, commitment and so forth though it’s really sad that Valentines day happens after January disease. So the gift he may give or NOT is not neccessarily a representation of how deep he usually fishes into his pockets.

On the other hand some girls understand the capacity of their partner. They may not be too materialistic but they need the day to be acknowlegded however.

To them what you do or NOT on this day matters.

There You Have It

Valentines day is all about “society” at the end of the day. It’s also about confirmation (“does he care”) to some but be rest assured girls who potentially benefit from it love it.

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