What Does Brythreesixty Really Want?

After an incident that happened yesterday underneath Terence Machisa’s blogpost [read it here] on Zim Hip-hop I was left confused about what Brythreesixty wants out of this music. Terence Machisa did a brief summary of Hip-hop in 2015 based on things he knew. He did not claim to have written what had happened on the entire hip-hop scene but problems began when Brythreesixty was the first to comment accusing us to have forgotten him in the post.

Fair and fine, Brythreesixty makes moves and has made moves throughout the year . I have publicly applauded that each time but I believe it’s not his position to question why he has been left out. Even the Herald has left out major events as staffed as it is. We would rather have his staunche fans protest on his behalf than him attack a new writer who is learning to blog. The whole thing shifted the energy of Terence’s post and Terence inboxed me about it but I told him not to worry and carry on. It’s quite easy to kill the soul of a new writer by inconsiderate comments. I think there are better approaches to airing concerns about what you think should have been written.

Anyway, while Terence maturely apologized and left that post for good it later became a war between Brythreesixty and Cashbid, whose tension has been on and off since Ventilation. I feel like I can take the blame for creating this monster and I wish these two would actually get along. At one time I was informed that they had reconciled but it seems Brythreesixty based on what he was saying suspects that Cashbid works for certain rappers who are out to pull him down. He evidently is still on his stance where he seems to care more about earthly accolades about himself, which worries me much.

James 1:8 – “A double minded man is unstable in his ways”. I hope our brother is certainly not the one referred to in this scripture but if he is , scripture is meant for correction. For we know that 2 timothy 3: 16 says, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

I am confused because of the way he reacts to small things. Mind you there were many sercular artistes excluded from Machisa’s post but they did not come to the forum to attack us. Now when we point this out, Brythreesixty will make it seem as if it is an attack on Christian Rap. Mind you most of the people commenting on that post including Cashbid himself are actually Christians. It is a common misconception by some Christian Rappers that people who are not part of their movement are heathens I guess but with that said, assuming they are right.

In this case, who is acting more Christian?

The rising blogger who forgot about Brythreesixty’s moves but apologized for it when he saw that Brythreesixty wasn’t impressed. Or the gospel rapper who cares so much about being in the news and getting celebrated for his hard work.

Considering that it was not really Jesus who went around bragging about his miracles, but over time people noticed for themselves. A blind beggar heard he was coming and shouted loud for a healing, a woman with a haemhorrage pushed the crowd and people followed him to the wilderness when he needed alone time. We cannot forget the wealthy tax collector who ran and climbed a tree to see a carpenters son. In all of these occasions not at one point did Jesus overly try to be noticed. People however noticed him because he was doing the work of God. I made a comparison with Jesus here, because the last time I made comparisons, Brythreesixty was emotional and did not want to be compared to ordinary man.

If I am wrong in all this may Jesus Christ forgive me, but if I be right I challenge my brother to go back and read those comments and what they could have done to a new writer today. I challenge him to decide if that is what his brand wants to be known for? Campaigning to be seen for self glorification, screenshots and likes?

Some of you will attack me and say, don’t judge. I know where you get this notion. The Bible indeed say, “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1), but we also forget that in James 5:20, “Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.” I will not let a good initiative by my brother die over love to be in the spotlight. I WILL NOT… I believe he means nothing but good.

If screenshots and likes are a gateway to soul winning for the Kingdom. I can only encourage him to carry on even stronger, maybe I missed the plot.

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