@WeAfrican (Kenya)Tells Us About His African Talent Showcase Blog and #Dr3amVille

Holly Rahman (known as @WeAfrican in twitter circles) is a Muslim boy from Nairobi,Kenya who is very passionate about everything African.He is a passionate blogger and he is definitely driven by the love of African art, in his words he says,”Since I am a doer, I couldn’t wait for other people to come and showcase our amazing talents, so I started writing about the artists myself, hence the birth of All Around the A.” Being the humble person he is he decided we should rather discuss his group, Dre3mVille.

“The group is actually made of my brother and sister, Webb & Mishu respectively, alongside me and together we are managed by Ms E.Y. Though underrated back in Kenya, it is actually a house hold name in other parts of the world like Dhaka, Sydney, Florida and Indonesia due to the collaborations we have done with fellow artists from those areas. But we also know that home is the best and their aint no love like the motherland’s. In that connection, we are in the process of recording a full Afro beat album that will be released on 14th January 2014, to coincide with our second anniversary.”

Seeing the group website I was compelled to only believ this group could do wonders. I went and downloaded a few singles. I always love to test if the words match the hype. Yes it did, I loved the song No Apologies but I think the ladies would love the son I Wanna Love You. Good music comin g from the motherland indeed.

Being interviewed alongside the likes of Dbanj, Iyanya, Faarrow and Fela Kuti on Afrik Lounge Live are just some of the achievements that the young group has. Add that to the fact that our single Breakthru was actually released via the World Hip Hop market sponsored AHHM Vol 3 mixtape series and you get a crew that is not shy at navigating foreign territories in pursuit of their dreams,”As much as we are currently exploring our individual projects in form of covers and mix tapes, the group has concrete plans for next year, including starting our own record label to nurture other talented artists, which has been our lifelong dream. On other news, watch out for our movie debut in a TV drama series called “Stay” which will be available on all Nokia sites.”

You need to get with the program, while we support Zim Hip-hop lets connect with our brothers. Whoever created these borders was trying hard for me not to hear this, well I still heard it. his blog showcases talent from all over Africa.

Need to get in touch with them about News? Reviews? Press Releases?

Here’s how:

Blog address: Around the A

Facebook: DreamTeamVille

Twitter: @WeAfrican

Mobile: (+254) 724 514 428

Email:  wedr3amville@gmail.com

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