We Are Exporting Zimbabwe To Nigerian Magazines

This year i kicked off with the theme #Tirikutonga, which means, we are reigning. It was not in it’s braggadocio sense but it was an affirmation of the things we need to do and places we need to reach as na industry. Over the past 3 years I have been nurturing new relationships with other countries. I have not limited the scope to Africa.

So this September I decided to contribute to Zim Hip-hop in a positive way by allowing 7 rising kings the chance to be seen by audiences accross the continent, through E.C.H.O It which i said to be listed among one of the fastest growing online Hip-hop publication in Nigeria. However it also focuses much on the whole Africa hence i was able to give them stories on what we have been doing on this end. I have been in dialogue to set up collaborative work for artistes that are doing exceptionally well with most African Hip-hop ambassadors, from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Angola and Nigeria.

I believe if people keep seeing our exceptional artistes they will start searching for Zim Hip-hop as a whole.

Download This Edition of E.C.H.O e-Zine Here: E.C.H.O. Edition 5


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