Wating For Death

I sit at the park bench and look at my wrist,

Turning my head, North, South and East,
This date has got to be the worst,
Stood up since birth she’s getting really late,
When I see her by the gate I know I’ll be the late,
She’s been seeing other people abandoning our date,
I’m playing with life; but death see’s it in your eyes,
She cannot be cheated only Jesus can defeat her,
Sometimes I feel like I’d really love to meet her,
Drive recklessly just to see if I can beat her,
Poke her on Facebook or follow her on twitter,
Maybe that escape can make me feel better?
See because life struggles are hard to hurdle,
In this human race, only the strong take the medal,
I’ve been falling off the saddle; bruises hard to handle,
I am try’na be the sun but I’m glowing like a candle,
Crazy thoughts floating through my mental premises,
Because I seem to fail and blame it on my enemies,
Cursing what they do; wishing death upon their families,
Then I get to my pen; scripting metaphors and similes,
I re-begin my life and read the book of Genesis,
Because I almost lost my head; confusion’s a guillotine,
It takes over your whole through spiritual arteries,
Resides in your utterance; you forget what the matter is,
Sleeping with death because sin is like a mattress,
See; life is eternal stop living it reckless,
You’re saved by the grace not the crucifix necklace,
That’s when I realize I’ve been waiting to live,
Given much in this life, I’ve been waiting to give.
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